CES Floor Coverage: Breffo Smartphone Mount/Holder and Benq

By Michael Blain

The British company Breffo provided me with a sample of this mount which they call a spiderpodium to test and review. I honestly could not be more impressed with the versatility of this product. This version can prop up any device similar to the size of an iPhone and with typical, and sane use, is virtually indestructible. Any position you can possibly desire for your smartphone to reside in the spiderpodium can more than accommodate.
Statement from Breffo : “Small enough for your pocket, and brave enough to take all your handheld devices on, the award winning ‘take it everywhere, use it anywhere’ Spiderpodium is a multi-function stand, gadget grip and holster.
Compatible with all compact handheld devices including smartphones, compact cameras, mp3/mp4 players, gaming systems, SatNav’s, camcorders, projectors, e-readers and more. The products flexible nature allows for Spiderpodium to position your gadget at virtually any angle, in any position, in any location.
With a skeleton made from premium grade British steel underneath a ‘SoftTouch’ rubber coat, the Spiderpodium provides the strength needed to safely support all your devices, wherever you go.”
And without the explicit intention of starting moralistic controversy , it is reassuring to see that this product is made in Britian and not by a worker in a Chinese factory making roughly one dollar monthly.
Benq did nothing short of take my breath away in there room far in the back reaches of the South Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. I had already been excited from hearing whispers of the largest touch screen on the market being unveiled at CES but I honestly did not know it was from Benq until seeing it with my own eyes, and I can say without hesitation that it was amazing. I am not one to be blown away by each small progression or improvement in electronics such as a new browsing feature or a few added inches or a minor tweak in resolution, but the sheer size and beauty of their largest touch screen was a giant leap forward in my eyes.
The resolution on their monitors is so sought after that on a smaller version I observed, which is used specifically for personal computer gaming, is the selection by the Major League of Gaming which will accept nothing short of the absolute best. Clear pixels, rapid refresh rate, and bit rate are something Benq is excelling at beyond the vast majority of competing visual entertainment companies. They also were demoing a projector that could project onto an entire wall with only a single inch of space which is not only stunning, but redefines the very idea of projection itself on its scientific axioms.
From Benq’s press release: “LAS VEGAS — 2013 International CES — Jan. 7, 2013 — BenQ America Corp. today strengthened its leadership position in the home entertainment space with the introduction of its price-defying W1070 and W1080ST projectors. At $1,099, the W1070 provides full HD 1080p 3D projection using the high-end DLP® Dark Chip 3 (DC3) typically reserved for higher-priced models. The W1080ST — a short-throw full HD1080p 3D home projector at only $1,299 — brings big screen entertainment to any home theater regardless of space configuration.”
I sincerely look forward to everything Benq develops from now and well into the future.

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