Florida Operation Captures 50 online child-sex stings

Florida Operation Captures 50 online child-sex stingsFlorida Sting Operation Captures 50

It began with “chatting” on a computer. The men believed they were talking with children or their parents offering sexual encounters. 16 law enforcement agencies were involved in a week long operation that ended Monday.

They were told to meet the children at a home in the city of Oviedo, about 19 miles from Orlando. The police had a black and white movie camera ready for their arrival. When instead of meeting with their suspected young victims they were tackled by police, slammed against a wall and handcuffed, all their faces recorded shock and disbelief. One man got as far as the front lawn before he was subdued. 50 men were arrested, some with condoms in their pockets.

One of those arrested was a Florida High School English teacher who expected to have sex with a 14 year old girl. Another was a middle school science teacher planning to encounter a 14 year old boy. A man who was an elementary school interpreter for deaf children had advertised his desire to have relations with a 13 year old boy. Another man was a school janitor. Among the others were a tourist from Turkey, college students, and a businessman from North Carolina.

So called “sex rings” are prevalent in the United States, but rarely make the national television news, and are almost never seen on local news. In researching this story, I discovered rings all over the world, in England, an Islamic group in Oxford, and Argentina, to list just a few. It has long been known that trafficking of women and children in the Orient, and countries of the Arab world are the most horrific and the largest in number.

It’s typical of news services to concentrate on political issues first, and disasters second. But it amazes me that with thousands of communications satellites inhabiting space, we see so little about what happens in our world. When I was young, the only time we saw news from around the world was in news reels between a double feature at the movies. Today, when it is possible to be instantaneous, it seems that we see even less.

I watch the evening news. I always have. I believe it’s important that I stay informed about events that happen in my country and around the world. The top part of this story was never shown last night on any network I was watching. This is slightly more important than telling me one of the Kardashians is pregnant.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express


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