Chicago: Narcotics Unified Enforcement Mission

Chicago: Narcotics Unified Enforcement Mission

Narcotics Unified Enforcement Mission Nets Guns, Drugs, and Arrests
Chicago Police Execute More than 60 Search Warrants, Arresting More than 70 Offenders and Seizing 15 Guns and More than 50 Pounds of Cannabis

CHICAGO – Chicago Police announced the results of a Narcotics Unified Enforcement Mission that targeted several districts across the south side of the city on Thursday. Narcotics Division officers, with the assistance of the Gang Enforcement Division and Asset Forfeiture Unit, arrested 71 offenders and seized 15 guns, 7 vehicles, and more than 50 pounds of cannabis and other drugs with nearly $35,000 in cash. Additionally, a distinct narcotics operation in the Gresham (6th) District dismantled a profitable open-air drug market and yielded another 11 arrests.

“Community safety is the key factor motivating our narcotics missions, and the results continually highlight the severe extent to which guns and gangs are connected to narcotics activity,” said Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy. “We must continue to go after the source of violence that is devastating our neighborhoods, and that means removing the guns and drugs and criminals that are responsible,” he added.

The Narcotics Unified Enforcement Mission focused on the Grand Crossing (3rd), South Chicago (4th), Gresham (6th), and Deering (9th) Districts. The first phase consisted of buy-bust operations conducted by Narcotics Division officers in targeted areas following consultations with District Commanders and tactical personnel. The second phase of the initiative concentrated on the execution of more than five dozen pre-planned search warrants.

The comprehensive, cooperative efforts ultimately culminated in arrests and charges against 65 offenders. Additionally, 15 firearms were recovered along with 52 pounds of cannabis and quantities of heroin and crack and powder cocaine. Seven vehicles also were seized in the course of the investigation and nearly $35,000 in cash.

Chicago Police further announced that in addition to the Narcotics Unified Enforcement Mission, Narcotics Division officers identified an open air drug market operating in the Gresham (6th) District and dismantled the operation, arresting 11 offenders. The location at 79th Street and St. Lawrence Ave. was controlled by a street gang and functioned as a lucrative heroin market. As a result of the investigation, additional quantities of heroin were seized along with another vehicle.

Chicago Police continue to investigate and seek six outstanding targets wanted in connection with the investigation.

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