G.O.P. leaders in congress delay aid to “Sandy” Victims

For the record, 112th congress was the least productive in history

More Proof

 G.O.P. leaders in congress delay aid to "Sandy" VictimsBefore the close of day, yesterday, New Years, the House was expected to take a vote on a 60.4 billion dollar measure to assist victims of “superstorm Sandy”. They did not, and did not agree to take up the matter today, the last day of the session.

Because once again G.O.P. leaders in the House failed to act, and the new congress is being sworn in Thursday, the entire legislative process will have to start over, delaying aid to the affected states.

Many Democrats and some Republicans angrily demanded the G.O.P. leaders of the House bring back the full body, and vote on the issue.

“It is disgraceful. It even makes it worse being a Republican. It is terrible. I mean, my district was devastated,” said Republican Representative Peter King, who represents part of Long Island hit hard by the storm.
“The whole region was devastated and we have never had a natural disaster before where Congress walked away.”

The Senate approved the aid last week. When House leaders were questioned as to why it had not been approved, they indicated that if would most likely pass “sometime next month”. More evidence that the 112th congress was the least productive in history. They were more concerned with repealing Obamacare than doing their jobs.

My advice, my wish, is that Boehner and Cantor would take a permanent vacation and relinquish their positions in government. There must be someone who is sensible and hard-working enough to do the job they have failed to do.

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