George W. Bush Helped Osama Bin Laden Win His War

How George W. Bush Helped Osama Bin Laden Win His War

For America, the 2000 Presidential election was a beginning of the end of the United States of America. Action by the Supreme Court gave George W. Bush the Presidency. Al Gore, who had won the popular vote by over a half a million votes, was denied an accurate re-count in Florida, and consequently lost the electoral vote.

The cause and effect of electing a former Texas governor who had been a failure at every economic venture he attempted has been disastrous not only for our country, but the world.

In Bush’s first year in office, he spent most of his time in Crawford, Texas, chopping wood, pretending to be a cowboy and proving he was one of the “good ole boys”. On September 11th, 2001, reality hit him in the face, and he didn’t know what to do. Intelligence information, which the President receives daily, indicated that Al Queda, ruled by Saudi citizen and former commander of the Afghanistan forces supported by the U.S., Osama Bin Laden, was planning a grand attack against the United States. He virtually ignored it. When the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and an attempted attack on the White House occurred, Bush was dumbfounded. (Watch the videos.)

His reaction was to avenge the thousands of innocent men and women who were murdered by going to war against the perpetrators. We invaded Afghanistan in an attempt to kill Bin Laden. A strange turn of events occurred. When our intelligence inside Afghanistan informed us of a positive position of his location, they were told to “stand down”. Our ‘cowboy’ president was afraid of offending Pakistan.

So, what was to come next? How about avenging his father. The dictator of Iraq, Sadaam Hussein had threatened George Herbert Walker Bush after “Operation Desert Storm”. Bush falsified “proof” that Hussein possessed ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and espoused blatant lies about his connection to Al Queda.

The result of both invasions was a major loss of life and money by the United States.

Today, from his watery grave, Osama Bin Laden is giving thanks to Bush. His real goal was to destroy the United States, to punish it for occupying Arabic land and debasing the religion of Islam. Bush guaranteed his success.

Invading two countries bankrupted the United States, and made the world a more dangerous place. Even countries that supported us before the invasions, began to distrust and dislike our government. Once respected and admired by the vast majority of the world’s population, we were labeled as murderers and fools.

Bin Laden’s destruction of our once great country was complete when a country that historically came together in time of conflict became more divided than at any time in our history since the Civil War. Marriages, families, and friendships crumbled because of disagreement over Bush’s policies and misguided actions.

This all continues today. Republicans continue to refuse to blame Bush for where we are today economically. They love to blame a President who inherited the worst economic situation since the great depression. De-regulation of the banking industry, and Wall Street, allowed greed to place working class Americans in desperation. Those who caused the problem experienced no change in their lifestyle, and no banking executive has ever been prosecuted for their criminal acts.

I don’t believe Bin Laden could have ever dreamed that his cowardly attack on innocent people, simply doing their jobs, would result in such a success. All he needed was one ignorant man, who should never been in a position to lead a country, to take action to help him win his war.

Bush doesn’t deserve all the blame. The red states elected him and gave him power. The plight of America is on their hands as well.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

8 Responses to "George W. Bush Helped Osama Bin Laden Win His War"

  1. C. Moakler   January 14, 2013 at 9:17 am

    Poetically, the GOP is self destructing by supporting Bush’s legacy. Sixty- four percent of voters answered, in the presidential election exit polls, that the disaster we call an economy is Bush’s fault. Now the whole clan except for the dittoheads are saying that they offended illegal aliens that lost them the election. Ocasionally Limbaugh finds a truth and he is reporting that Hispanic Americans are trying to tell the GOP that they didn’t vote against Romney because he was going to protect their jobs against illegals, he was going to go back to Bush’s principals of a free ride for rich folks, which they are not. It was an economic vote, not a cultural one. Republicans are going to run this twisting of fact and vote in another amnasty for their Chamber of Commerce friends who live to displace lazy Americans with dependent illegal aliens. That aught to finish the GOP off forever.

  2. Walter F. Wouk   January 11, 2013 at 7:54 am

    And after Bush came Obama, who embraced — and expanded — the Bush-Cheney regime’s attacks on our civil liberties.

  3. frankinbun   January 10, 2013 at 5:26 pm

    The BBC reported that OBL denied involvement in the 911 attacks. If Bin Laden had outwitted not only the National Security Agency, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the FBI, but also all 16 US intelligence agencies, all intelligence agencies of Washington’s NATO puppet states, Israel’s Mossad, and in addition the National Security Council, NORAD, US air traffic control, and airport security four times on the same morning, it would be the greatest feat in world history. Why would he deny responsibility?
    We need to find out what really happened on 911. Until then we are living an illusion.

    • hegesias   January 11, 2013 at 5:21 am

      Well said, although someone who looks nothing like him did take credit for 9/11 in a video in 2004.

  4. OH   January 10, 2013 at 2:51 pm

    Obama did the right thing by killing Osama Bin Laden. Bush was too over his head having to deny there ever was such a thing as an attack where SDI Star Wars wasnt a one-size-fits-all solution. Bush didnt keep America safe – Barack Obama kept America safe – Bush was a profiteer, flew in on an Enron jet, back and forth to his ranch, Bush didnt read, didnt bother, wasnt motivated to care about intelligence briefings, he only wanted to cover the whole thing up, use it to start his war, profiteer, run up the debt, kill Americans based on lies, kill Iraqis based on lies, lie to Americans, make money, kill more Americans, profiteer some more, and let plenty of those pallets of $100 bill bricks turn up missing in Iraq!

  5. hegesias   January 10, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    It’s true that “This all continues today. Republicans continue to refuse to blame Bush for where we are today,” but Obama has done nothing to Change anything of significance. Not a damn thing. PNAC rolls on just as if they Republicans were still in power, and Obama continues to surround himself with Wall Street neocons, New World Order warmongers, and deregulators held over the Tech Bubble President’s administration.

  6. Tazzle   January 10, 2013 at 9:52 am

    As a disabled Iraq War vet, I can attest to what a cluster it all was. The result of the terminally stupid. And in Cheney’s case, the terminally evil.

  7. oomiak   January 10, 2013 at 9:20 am

    breathtaking truth!


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