Has United States Congress Become A House Divided?

Democrat or Republican We The People Should Vote For Best Candidate


United States Congress Has Become A House Divided

I continue to hear and read complaints from conservatives. I’m aware that they have moved to the very right edge of the political spectrum, and I know that’s not a good thing. The way Washington is stagnated these days, the only good legislators are the independents. There simply aren’t enough of them. Voting, whether it be in Congress or the voting booth at the local library, should never be a rubber stamp for one party. If you’re a Democrat, and your party’s candidate is less qualified, or less honest, or less informed than his Republican rival, you should vote for the best candidate, not for the political party with which he aligns himself. That’s how our politics should function, but in political reality, the United States Congress has become a house divided more dysfunctional then at any time in our past.

Republican hierarchy continues to criticize members of their own party because they are too “moderate”. What’s wrong with being in a political position to possibly compromise on important issues? Allowing one’s self to be pushed into extreme positions eliminates open and honest dialogue, and leaves no hope for real compromise.

Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator from South Carolina criticized Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel the other day, claiming that he is not a “mainstream thinker”. First of all, what is a “mainstream thinker”? I believe it is simply another definition for ‘follower’, definitely not a leader. When I die, I want to be remembered as a man who did things “his way”. The only ‘groups’ I’ve ever joined were baseball or basketball teams. I never cared about designer labels. I bought and wore clothes I liked the looks of and that were comfortable. I never cared about owning a great piece of artwork. I preferred the pictures my kids drew for me and were proudly displayed on the refrigerator.

Simply and honestly put, the greatest things, the greatest writing, the greatest songs, and our greatest leaders only exist because of “free thinkers”. Reducing our federal government to a division of two parties has proven disastrous. When I watch the President’s ‘State of the Union’ speech, I am disgusted with what I see. He will make an administration policy in his speech, and one side of the aisle will applaud, and the other side sits with their hands in their laps. Our elected officials can’t disagree with everything our President, or any other member of our government, says, simply because he’s a member of the “other party“.

Is the 113th Congress going to be less effective than the previous 112th, which had the worst record in history? Time will tell, but already the posturing has begun. I hate to burst your fantasy bubble, but no one party is right about everything. No one President, Congressman or Senator has all the answers. Congress is supposed to be a ‘deliberative body’. What it has become is a divided house, and you know what is said about that!

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