James Holmes, Aurora, Colorado, Goh, Oikos University earned punishment

Can’t Have It Both Ways


On April 2nd, 2012, One Goh completed his plan. He went to Oikos University, a Christian school in Oakland, California, and shot 10 people. 7 of them died. He had once attended the school himself as a nursing student.

After two psychiatric examinations, he was labeled a paranoid schizophrenic. Judge Carrie Panetta decreed that he was unfit to stand trial, at this time. He will return to court on January 28th.

The school caters mostly to Korean immigrants. Goh was angry because he was involved in a dispute over tuition.

My question is, how can an individual carefully plan an assault on innocent people and be insane enough not to know what he is doing at the time? Anyone who commits premeditated murder is crazy. What they don’t deserve is compassion and understanding. No one can understand the thought process of a mass murderer, and no one wants to.

What’s next? We know James Holmes, who killed 12 and wounded 58 in an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater, had been under psychiatric care. Do we forgive him although police have discovered evidence to prove he planned the slaughter for months?

Nearly everyone I know grew up in a family that was somewhat dysfunctional. How we act as adults is partially based on how we were raised. But none of my friends and family have planned and taken human life away from another.

Hatred is an illness unto itself. Temporary insanity is not uncommon. When an individual experiences anger beyond his or her control, he or she may “lose it” for a few seconds. We don’t plan to become angry, it’s one of the weaknesses of being human. Emotions are usually not a good thing, and they’re often uncontrollable. The key here is these men hated enough to plan an attack.

Everyone knows that I am more liberal in my thought process than many. But I also believe in right and wrong, and everyone’s personal responsibility to know which is which. Give them the punishment they deserve, whatever the law will allow.

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