Jim Harbaugh Looking Forward to Son’s Football Career

Harbaugh:  “Big-headed Son Can Play”

harbaugh_apduyIf Jim Harbaugh’s recently developed ‘lighter side’ is any indication, he is prepared and relaxed to coach the biggest game of his life.

Monday, he was asked about President Obama’s statement in The New Republic.  Mr. Obama said that if he had sons instead of daughters, he would have a hard time letting them play football because of the violence of the game.  His first response was:  “Well, I have a 4-month old, almost soon to be 5-month-old son, Jack Harbaugh, and if President Obama feels that way then there’ll be a little bit less competition for Jack Harbaugh when he gets older. That’s the first thing that jumped into my mind if other parents are thinking that way. But it’s still early. Jack is, like I said, only 5 months old, but he’s a really big kid. He’s got an enormous head.”

Little Jack is a long way off from putting on pads, but Harbaugh joked about his son’s future prospects:  “We don’t have a 40 on him yet, but his wingspan is plus-1, as soon as he grows into that head he’s going to be something. It’s early, but expectations are high for young Jack.”

150597_10151253779947098_1125981404_nPresident Obama, who is a huge football fan, said that he is more worried about college players.  He pointed out that the NFL players have a union, and are grown men who can make their own decisions.  His concern is that young men who play in college have nothing to fall back on, no support, if they are seriously injured.  He would like the NCAA to look into it.

Harbaugh, who is often ‘short’ with reporters, seemed to enjoy the news conference.  He told the story about his call to his former Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler to tell him he had received his first head coaching job at the University of San Diego in 2004.  “Before he said congratulations or anything he said, ‘Jimmy, tell me you’re going to have a tight end that puts his hand in that ground on every snap. Tell me that you will have a fullback that lines directly behind the quarterback, and a halfback in the I-formation,’ ” Harbaugh said. ” ‘Yes, Coach, we will have that.’ ‘Good. Congratulations on getting your job.’ “

He said he tries to emulate Schembechler, Woody Hayes, and his father “Jack” when he is on the sidelines.  In two years, Jim Harbaugh has not only made players and fans believers in his coaching ability, he appears to be secure that his decisions can win a Super Bowl.  Watching the Harbaugh brothers compete Sunday should be fun.  You will probably notice that they are both intense, but Jim is usually a little more emotional.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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