Nevada: persuade lives one man dead three in custody

Nevada: persuade lives one man dead three in custody One Dead, Three Are In Custody

This is a bizarre story that ended in the death of one man.  Nevada Highway Patrol officers initiated a traffic stop in Mustang, east of Carson City Monday evening.  Inside the Ford Explorer were four young men.  The vehicle had Florida plates.

Before other law enforcement officers could arrive to back-up the two NHP officers, one of the men escaped the Explorer, and stole one the NHP vehicles.  The suspect headed east on I-80.  The other three men were taken into custody.

NHP officers pursued the stolen vehicle, and eventually shot out the tires.  That was not the end of it.  He acquired another vehicle from a civilian and continued east on I-80.  Somewhere near Fernley, the suspect rolled the car.  Shots were exchanged.  It ended when the suspect shot himself with the shotgun he had taken from the NHP stolen vehicle.  He did not survive.

Because shots were fired by the NHP officers, the Carson City Sheriff’s department will be taking over the investigation.

The suspects were from Jacksonville, Florida.  The name of the deceased was not released.  Two of the men in custody are Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez and Christian Magllano  Alzurua.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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