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John Fleming voted “no” to aid victims from Storm Sandy

Your Republican Congressman at Work

Representative John Fleming, Republican from Louisiana voted “no” to a 9.7 billion dollar aid package for victims of “Super Storm Sandy”. He said that coming from a state that frequently suffers damages from hurricanes, he understands the needs of “Sandy’s” victims. But he said everything including disaster relief has to be offset in some way, and eliminate excessive government spending. I should point out that Mr. Fleming is a Medical Doctor, and has led a life of privilege.

The vote for aid tallied 354 for the measure, and 67 against. All of the “no” votes were submitted by Republicans. The Gulf Coast received billions of dollars in aid after hurricane Katrina in 2005, and with much more urgency.

Here is what we have in Fleming. He is another spoiled rich boy with tunnel vision. He believes, or tells us he believes, that cutting government spending is the sole solution to our economy’s resurgence. He has no positive ideas to grow the economy. He would prefer to increase the split in our country between the “haves” and “have nots”. He is the definition of what is wrong with government today.

I’m as tired of saying it, as your are of reading it, but our country is a Republic. We elect legislators who are supposed to consider the plight of all Americans not just those who are represented by lobbyists. If we are forced to pay income tax to the federal government, (which to my dying day I will believe is un-constitutional), our monies should pay for more than government salaries, aid to foreign countries, tax breaks for corporate farmers, subsidies for NASCAR, and unnecessary defense funds.

The majority of the members of the House are nothing more than TEA Party lobbyists. If we added up the IQ of all those who are members of this destructive group, supported by big business, we couldn’t come up with the average of 100.

Do any of you reading this not understand why most of us hate our government, and love our country? I think it’s time for all of us to vote “none of the above” in the next election.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

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