Kaepernicking, Move Over Tebowing

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Here in Reno, and over in San Francisco, you see it everywhere.  49er fans are “Kaepernicking”.

49er quarterback sensation, Colin Kaepernick is trademarking his now famous touchdown pose.  Tim Tebow did the same with his.  The reasons for it are stated by an intellectual property right’s attorney:

“It’s extremely important. One of the main reasons is for economic reasons. You don’t want other companies, other individuals, making a profit off of your name or your logo or your brand, so it’s extremely important for athletes to rush to secure all the IP [intellectual property] rights so others don’t make a profit off of them. It’s also good just in terms of brand building. As athletes start to build their brand, it’s good to start to protect their individual property rights as soon as possible.”

Comments have been made that fans hope his involvement in protecting his touchdown routine will not distract him from game preparations.  Those who knew him well at UNR said that would never be the case.  He’s a modest and friendly young man, who when preparing for a game, was focused only on his duty of leading his team to victory.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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