Lindsey Graham says Obama’s second term will be in your face

Lindsey Graham is Right, and I’m Glad
The President will nominate former Senator from Nebraska, Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense today, Monday, January 7th, 2013. Hagel was a moderate Republican in the Senate. If he is affirmed, he will be the first Vietnam veteran to hold the position, and the first who was also a volunteer.

His nomination is considered controversial on both sides of the aisle. Not afraid to speak his mind, the 66 year old former legislator has openly stated that he thinks the United States should hold talks with Hamas, as has Israel. Opponents say they are a terrorist group, and we should not negotiate with them. He also voiced support for direct negotiations with Iran. President Obama is insistent that he be confirmed. Both he and vice-president Biden had good working relationships with Hagel in the Senate.

The political right is not pleased. Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator from South Carolina, who give reasons which don’t make sense for opposing Hagel, said that it looks like President Obama’s second term style will be in your face. He said that Hagel is not a ’mainstream’ thinker. (And that’s a bad thing?)

Republicans will never work in a bipartisan fashion. If anything gets done in the next four years, it will be because the President used all of his power to achieve it. Therefore, I hope Graham is finally right about something.

It is reported that the President will also nominate John Brennan to head the CIA. Brennan has been the President’s “ghost” advisor on counter-terrorism. Mr. Obama nominated him for the CIA job in his first term, but was defeated by those on the left who thought he was too close to the former administration’s policies.

Both nominations should take place about 1 o’clock this afternoon, EST.

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