Twice in my life I was a ‘professional’ driver. Although I have driven in states where driver’s were less cautious, Northern Nevadans are often un-focused behind the wheel. I encountered drivers who crossed over the center double stripes when rounding curves. Maybe it was just the simple fact that they were driving too large a vehicle, and were unable to control it. Far too many fail to use their turn signals, but still use their cell phones although it’s against the law. Driving too fast is common, but it’s common everywhere. Driving too slow is just as dangerous, and is usually the result of “multi-tasking” while driving–extremely dangerous.

In 2012 statewide deaths related to traffic accidents totaled 258, an increase of 12 from the previous year. Pedestrian deaths were also up by 12. Our worst year was 2006, when fatalities totaled 432. Serious injuries were down, 725 compared to 1222 in 2011. Law enforcement believes there were less serious injuries due to increased seat belt use.

Police report that there are still far too many who are guilty of drunk driving. And drivers who Traffic Officers call “aggressive” often cause accidents, even if they are not themselves involved.

Police have been conscientiously enforcing seat belt laws, and plan to be tougher on cell phone use in 2013.


By James Turnage

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