New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie lashes out at Boehner

He’s Right to be Angry


Earlier I reported that the Leadership of the House of Representative, Speaker John Boehner refused to convene congress today, Wednesday, January 2nd, to vote on a 60.4 billion dollar bill to aid victims of “Super Storm Sandy”. The Senate passed the bill last Friday, and the House was expected to pass it before the end of the 112th congress, which is today.

Republican Representative Peter King of New York said Boehner was “sticking a knife in the back of Sandy’s victims.”

Now Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is voicing his anger. He accused Boehner of “toxic internal politics” which is impeding disaster relief to the area. He further said, “There’s only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these victims: the House majority and their Speaker.”

Christie said he had spoken to both the President and Boehner, but received no assurance from Boehner who had promised a positive vote before adjournment.

The President has called on the House to “immediately pass this package.”

The Governor further accused the House of putting political careers and politics in general ahead of the immediate needs of the people of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. He called upon the majority members of the house to overcome the toxic environment in congress and for leaders to do the right thing.  He said, “Shame on you, and shame on congress.” He called lawmakers, who said there was too much spending in Washington, including the aid package, “know-nothings.” He suggested they stop reading political talking points and read the bills given to them.

Christie said he called Boehner four times last night, but he never returned his calls. He said Boehner and Cantor had promised him things for weeks, and they “didn’t deliver.”  He said Cantor urged Boehner to take the vote on Tuesday, but Boehner nixed the idea.

The President called for “an immediate vote in the House Wednesday.”

Boehner told House members that “providing storm relief would be at the top of the agenda for the next congress.”  The 113th Congress will be sworn in tomorrow and will have to study the bill.

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