No Pressure: Chase & Loki Loko (Interview)

No Pressure: Chase & Loki Loko (Interview)

No Pressure: Chase & Loki Loko (Interview)

Representing a county in Southern California that has been made famous by rock group No Doubt, Chase and Loki Loko are showing that Orange County is more than just rock. The duo bridging together their Realest Movement team as they showcase their vocals, rhyming, writing and producing skills on their latest project “714.”

Recently, I sat down with Chase and Loki Loko and here’s what they had to say:

KJN: Tell me about yourself.
Loki Loko: Making music with the realest movement. The Realest movement is a group of individuals trying to live honest and keeping it real, doing your best to achieve success, staying on the right path, trying to do our music.

KJN: One word that describes your style.
Chase: Unique

KJN: Who are your influences?
Loki Loko: Carlos Santana, Nate Dogg and Ice Cube.
Chase: Tupac, Ne-Yo and Drake

KJN: How long have you been doing music?
Loki Loko: 6 years
Chase: 4 years, right about the time I got out of high school. Did a lot of writing before (poetry.)

KJN: Do you feel pressure as an artist?
Chase: There’s always pressure but if your gonna do this you have to do this now.
Loki Loko: The pressures exist but I don’t feel no pressure.

No Pressure: Chase & Loki Loko (Interview)

KJN: If you could colloaborate with anyone, dead or alive. Who would you choose?
Chase: Tupac
Loki Loko: Nate Dogg

KJN: Producers you would like to work with?
Chase: Dr Dre
Loki Loko: Alchemist

KJN: If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing?
Loki Loko: Music will still have to be involved in my life in some way.

KJN: Ten years from now, where do you see yourselves?
Chase: Established.

KJN: Name of your current album and why that title?
Chase: 714, that’s where were from.

KJN: What can fans expect from you on this project?
Chase: Versatility, we tried a lot of different things. We think it came out really good, real music, variety.

KJN: What sets you apart form other artists?
Loki Loko: Take action, work harder.

KJN: What was your main focus on making “714”?
Chase: This project we gotta get noticed with.
Loki Loko: Time to put out some of my own music, been working with other artists.

No Pressure: Chase & Loki Loko (Interview)

KJN: What’s next for Chase & Loki Loko?
Chase: We will be opening for Cashsis January 24th at the Tiki Bar in Anaheim, Ca

To keep up with Chase and Loki Loko, follow them on twitter at: @Loki_Loko and @Chaseheinze and you can download their latest album “714” for free at

-Kelly J Newson

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