NRA launches blatant personal attack ad campaign on President Obama

Cowards and Bigots


Demonstrating great fear that some of their “toys” may be taken away from them, the NRA has launched an ad campaign that is a blatant personal attack on the President, and his daughters.

In the ad they criticize him for having Secret Service protection for himself and his family, but doesn’t want armed guards in schools, (a situation that most law enforcement experts, and sane people, know is useless and ridiculous).

This group who values what they mistakenly call “their rights”, more than human life, are nothing more than cowards and bigots. Doing the right thing is courageous. Personal attacks are an act of bigotry.

The ad branches from gun control into emotional areas where those who already have personal reason, right or wrong, to dislike the President, are motivated to raise their emotions to a level of hatred.

I am ashamed that we have lobbies like the NRA. Our people deserve better. For eight years our country was ruled by an administration that attempted to keep us in a state of fear. When will those with at least an average IQ realize that a country ruled by negative emotions and a lack of common sense cannot exist? To the NRA, I suggest that you take your billions of dollars and donate it to charity instead of buying legislators. Try doing some good in the world instead of perpetuating the murder of innocents.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

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