Tanya Angus died after battle with “acromegaly”

Las Vegas Woman Dead At 34

Tanya Angus died Monday at the age of 34. At the time of her death, she was 7 feet 2 inches tall, and weighed almost 400 pounds. She wasn’t obese, she had a rare disease. A non-cancerous tumor of the Pituitary gland caused her to have “acromegaly,” releasing human growth hormone endlessly. Angus was unable to stop growing.

She began appearing on television shows to talk of her condition, hoping it would ease the pain of other suffering around the world. He mother, Karen Strutynski, said “people made fun of her until she appeared on television”. She only ate one meal a day.

Her face had become misshapen, and she suffered from constant growing pains. Clothing and shoes had to be specially made, and she was forced to use a wheelchair.

An autopsy is being performed, but she had suffered a cold, and doctors believe she developed a tear in her heart.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

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