Pemex Building Explosion in Mexico city

Pemex Building Explosion living 75 people injured, 5 dead, and 30 trap

MEXICO – Huge explosion in one of the main towers of Pemex in Mexico City, leaving some 75 people injured, 30 people trapped five people dead, according to radio reports.

According to Reports the explosion occurred in the basement of the building B2. Police reports indicate that the accident occurred in an electrical substation, so as a preventive measure was evicted Pemex Tower, presented as a failure in the supply of light.

Undersecretary Media Regulations of the Ministry of Interior, Eduardo Sánchez Hernández reported that as facilities Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) where there was an explosion came the Interior Minister, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong and the head of city government, Miguel Angel Mancera.

Explained that also arrived Energy Secretary, Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, the Undersecretary of Planning and Institutional Protection, Manuel Mondragón y Kalb and Attorney General’s Office, Jesus Murillo Karam, besides Civil Protection authorities and security forces.

Pemex spokesman, Francisco Montaño, Notimex confirmed that the explosion caused considerable damage to the ground floor and the administrative offices of mezannine, causing injury to some workers and staff evacuation.

Preliminarily, it was reported that apparently showed a collapse in the basement of the building mentioned by the talk of many people remain trapped under rubble.

When units arrived instead Rescue Squad and Emergency Medical (ERUM), Red Cross and fire department personnel and Civil Protection, who cordoned off the area to eviar the presence of people outside the parastatal.

Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) determined to evict its administrative offices in the colony National Navy, Colonia Anahuac, after a failure in the power supply.

The incident occurred around 15:10 hours at the offices adjacent to the Tower of Pemex. The shock wave of the outbreak in tower two of the building caused damage to the windows of five levels.
Meanwhile, emergency services attended with special extraction equipment, since apparently there are still people trapped in the basement and mezzanine tower because the explosion occurred when workers were trained in the “time clocks.”

Three helicopters arrived to place Condor landing in the parking lot to take the wounded, while registering a tight security in the area, which has already been cordoned off.

The capital’s Security Secretariat reported that the circulation is closed in both directions between Circuito Interior National Marina and Mariano Escobedo, off the Bay of San Hipolito.

The Governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Ávila, also reported that specialized equipment available to support the work.

In a Twitter account, said, “as a precautionary measure we are evicting Pemex tower failure with lamp power.”

Local residents reported hearing an explosion before, the streets near Whale Bay and Bay of All Saints, behind the tower.

In social networks also circulated version of an explosion and evacuation in the offices of the parastatal.

Federal District Public Security reported also in the social network “mobilization of emergency services at Navy, at the height of the Tower of Pemex. Avoid the area.”

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