Redskins Williams Gets Tasered

trent71Welcome to Hawaii here is a champagne bottle over your head and tasered in your back. That is how Washington Redskin’s offensive tackle Trent Williams early Friday morning went.  Williams will miss today’s Pro Bowl do to the affects of the bar fight.

A witness was reptorted saying,” It was like he was Jason from Firiday the 13th, the man would just not go down.” Williams, who is 6-foot-5 and 318 pounds, was still standing after being tasered and taking the champagne bottle over his head.

Williams received seven stitches after the encounter. He was also given a concussion test, which he passed, then later he was given another concussion test, which he also passed. He then returned to the Pro Bowl player’s hotel.

The NFL, facing a lot of bad press, has decided to not let Williams play after the incident.  He will be allowed on the sidelines and won’t lose his status as a Pro Bowler. He will also be paid his full share for making the Pro Bowl.

Two other men were injured in this melee and another was taken to a hospital. One man was arrested and five others are being investigated. Williams is not being charged, police said. By Steve Kish


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