Republican Manipulation and Elimination of Voting Laws

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Republican Manipulation and Elimination of Voting Laws

If Presidential elections were fair, whoever won the popular vote would be the President elect.  Democratic congressmen have attempted to eliminate the Electoral College, but votes on the proposal have been blocked by Republicans.  They have been fully aware that they might never win an election again if they were fair.

With President Obama’s substantial victory in November winning both the popular and electoral vote, the party of losers wants to change the rules again.  They want to change the Electoral College rule of all or nothing, to a county by county victory.  According to their analysis, Romney would have won in the recent election.

When will the remnants of the G.O.P. admit that they are the party of the past?  When will they learn that rich white men cannot elect a president by themselves?  When will they learn that our country is comprised of more middle to low income people than any other group?  When will they accept the fact that women are a force in America?  When will they respond to the census statistics that minorities will soon be the majority?

Bobby Jindal’s speech at the G.O.P.’s winter meetings was mostly accurate.  And we need the Republican Party to participate in our legislative process, not abstain from it.  We don’t need a party that is not facing the reality that America has changed in the decades when they were the favorites of millions of voters.

When Congress decided we should move to a policy which made the Electoral College the deciding body in a presidential election, they had some valid reasons for doing so.  Those reasons do not exist today.

Where would our country be today if Al Gore, who won the popular vote in 2000 would have become the President.  I am afraid to think of where our country would be now.  We wouldn’t have suffered economic ruin, and I also reflect on the possibility that 9/11 might not have happened, knowing the fact that there was negligence in the early part of the Bush administration to analyze intelligence that might have prevented the most egregious attack on American soil in our history.  We certainly would not have invaded two countries and lost thousands of lives and bankrupted our country.

It’s time that every vote counts.  Republicans cannot continue to maneuver election policies to even the playfield.  No one wants them, unless you make over 250,000 dollars a year and are white.

Romney deserved to lose.  He did not pander to the majority of America, he cared only about the rich, white, men who were eager to buy his Presidency and continue their dominance over financial decisions that would make them even wealthier.

I have a dream.  That dream is that all Americans will wake up and see the truth.  I dream that we will ignore and banish the extreme right whose interests do not mirror those of the majority of the people.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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