Six Year Old Hostage in Alabama

Six Year Old Hostage in Alabama

Six Year Old Boy Held Hostage

Tuesday, at 1:40 PST, a man boarded a school bus in Midland City, Alabama.  He told most of the children to get off of the bus.  He suddenly grabbed one little boy, age 6, and proceeded to shoot the bus driver four times.

He took the little boy to a man-made bunker, and held him hostage.  Authorities were able to speak with him through a PVC pipe.

Adding to the situation, the boy must have daily medication.  It was sent into the bunker through the pipe.  The situation is continuing through Wednesday morning.

Mike Creel, the suspect’s neighbor, told authorities he had been living in the area for about two years.  He began building the “bomb shelter” as soon as he took up residency.

A little girl, who had been on the bus, said the suspect demanded two children, and was able to abduct the little boy because he had fainted.

The body of the bus driver was removed Wednesday morning.

The FBI is now in charge of the negotiations.

The NRA has not commented yet, but I know their response, “arm all school bus drivers”.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express