Moss: The “Greatest of All-Time”?

Super Bowl Media Day, It Was Randy Moss’ Turn


randy-moss-media-day-sfWhen Colin Kaepernick took over quarterback duties for the San Francisco 49ers, he immediately found a favorite target in wide receiver Michael Crabtree.  In the NFC Championship game, he re-discovered tight end Vernon Davis.  There is a third target, but he is seldom the first option.  His name is Randy Moss.

Moss, who sat out the 2011 season, was once the most feared wide receiver in the NFL.  He began his career with the Minnesota Vikings, and during several seasons was responsible for 40% of the team’s receptions.  When an opposing defensive back was beaten for a touchdown, teammates would say, “you got Moss’d”.randy-moss-afro

In his declining years, Moss has been used more as a decoy than a primary receiver.

During the news conference, Moss said he thinks of himself as the best to ever play the position.  “I really do think I’m the greatest receiver to ever play this game,” the San Francisco 49ers veteran said in response to a question from USA TODAY Sports at Super Bowl XLVII media day.

Cris Carter, who was a mentor to Moss in his early career as his teammate in Minnesota, knows him better than anyone.  He does not agree with Moss’ statement, but did say that when he came into the league he had the potential to be the greatest ever.

“He didn’t have enough good habits early (in his career) to be the greatest ever,” Carter told USA TODAY Sports. “You have to be a grinder — mentally and physically. Jerry wasn’t the most talented, but he clearly was the best receiver ever. I really think Jerry Rice wanted to be the greatest; I don’t think Randy Moss (did). I don’t think you can accomplish something you never think of — or aspire to be. (Otherwise), Randy would have been the guy to carry the torch.”

Randy Moss says he is the greatest of all time. Jerry Rice has the stats to back up his claim to being the greatest of all-time.

Jerry Rice accomplished greatness by hard work.  His career was recognized by the NFL Network in 2010, when he was hailed as the greatest player of all time.  He caught 208 passes for a touchdown, total receptions of 1549, and total yardage of 22,895 yards.  He also has three Super Bowl rings.

Moss says he has had to adjust to his new role with the 49ers, but he is proud of his team and is working hard to do his part to help them win the ‘big game’.  “I don’t like my role — I really don’t,” he said. “(But) I understand my presence. I don’t have to always touch the ball for us to score. I had to grow to understand it.”

He said it was his brief tenure with the New England Patriots where he realized he didn’t have the best work ethic.  “I thought I knew how to work, but then I went up to New England and ran into Kevin Faulk,” Moss said of the now-retired running back. “I said, ‘Man, this is really how y’all work?’ I thought I knew how to work. I was working out in the mornings, doing this, doing that, but he took it an extra mile, took it to the next level.”  Moss helped New England win 18 consecutive games, only to lose the Super Bowl to the New York Giants.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express