Yankees Talk Voiding A-Rods Contract

alg_yankees_alex_rodriguezAlex Rodriguez positive test allegations may cost him millions. Remember Alex Rodriguez before he became A-Rod? Remember the hype surrounding Alex Rodriguez back in 1993. He was the 1st overall selection of the 1993 amateur draft. He had Bryce Harper hype, Stephen Strasburg hype. He was going to be paired with Ken Griffey Jr. and they were going to carry the Seattle Mariners for the next decade into greatness. That was until A-Rod was born.

Since the birth of A-Rod he has signed two ridiculous contracts, 10 years for $252 million and then a new 10 year deal worth $275 million(possibly $300 million). He has also been caught twice cheating. Using performance enhancing drugs and tarnishing everything he has done in his career. Barry Bonds was villan number one in the media for his PED usage. A-Rod hasn’t received the same media treatment, yet he should. This will be the second positive test of his career. You get caught once with your hand in the cookie jar, you think you would not put it back in. Well that’s A-Rod just being A-Rod, arrogant and righteous.

With this latest allegation of PED usage, Major League Baseball may, and most likely will discipline Alex Rodriguez. If this does take place the New York Yankees may look for a way out of the rest of his ludicrous contract. A-Rod still has five years left and $114 million owed to him on this current contract. There is no statue for a team voiding a contract due to PED use.

In 2009 A-Rod admitted he used PEDs. Rodriguez reiterated to investigators what he had said publicly,”that he used PEDs only from 2001 to 2003” , which was after he received the then largest contract in American sports history. While he this admission he didn’t test positive through MLB testing and if he is found guilty this time he would most likely face the 50 game suspension for first time offenders.

The Yankees are looking at every option they have, including whether Rodriguez breached his contract by taking medical treatment from a doctor outside the team’s medical staff without the team’s permission There is also the issue that he possibility  might have broken the law by purchasing controlled substances from a Miami “wellness clinic” run by nutritionist Anthony Bosch.

alex-rodriguezInternally we must believe the Yankees are hoping this is the loophole they need to get out of this horrible contract. It is no secret that Rodriguez’s production has fallen off, by fallen off I mean a high school pitcher with 90 mph heat could strike him out. Rodriguez looked foolish in the playoff’s last season. Swinging late on high fastballs, batting .118, striking out 12 times, hitting zero home runs, and also having zero RBI’s.  These are not $300 million numbers, these are single A numbers, single A numbers for a guy that will be looking for a new career.

Rodriguez has a slew of records, fastest to 500 home runs, fastest to 600 home runs, besting Jimmie Foxx and Babe Ruth respectively. With what we have learned though he didn’t do it honestly. Alex was supposed to be the savior, the guy that didn’t do PEDs and the baseball world could hang  on his coattails. He was the post steroid all-time great. The guy that would honestly beat Hank Aarons home run record, no asterisk,oops guess that dream is gone. The greatest player of our era was the guy drafted number one overall by the Mariners a few years earlier, Ken Griffey Jr. Without the injuries Griffey Jr. had a chance to go down as the greatest player of all time. A-Rod had his opening when Griffey Jr. did have the injuries, instead of doing it the right way he chose to cheat.

Barry Bonds once said, “I don’t know if steroids are going to help you in baseball. I just don’t believe it. I don’t believe steroids can help eye-hand coordination and technically hit a baseball.” I fully believe this statement. Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do, steroids will not help you with that. what they will do it make the ball pop of that bat faster as you can torque your swing more. Yet A-Rod’s numbers these past two seasons(2011-2012) haven’t even reflected a good player. He has only 34 home runs and 119 RBIs with 196 strikeouts in 221 games. The previous two years(2009-2010) A-Rod had 60 home runs and 225 RBI’s with 195 strikeouts in 257 games.  Neither of these two-year stat totals wow you, yet his salary was 33, 33, 32, and 29 million each year. The Yankees are not getting their return on investment from A-Rod. Rodriguez has ruined his legacy, an asterisk will always be next to his name. What the Yankees are hoping is that his name won’t be appearing on their checkbook anymore. By Steve Kish

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