The NRA is hiding behind the second amendment

The NRA is hiding behind the second amendment

For the NRA, It’s the Old Bait and Switch

First of all, let’s stop pretending the NRA is representative of gun owners.  It is a lobby, representing gun sellers and manufacturers.  Their concern will never be the lives of innocents. They owe their allegiance only to those who fund them so thy may continue to become wealthy at the expense of innocent men, women and children.

As gun control was being debated, a shooting happened in an office building in Phoenix.  The day before, a bus driver was murdered in Alabama, and a 6 year old child abducted and held hostage.

Something has to be done.  Lindsay Graham, in one of his usual statements that show his detachment from reality, said yesterday that a woman protecting her children needs lots of bullets.  We’re not talking about someone protecting their home and family,  If we were, give that woman a shotgun, as Joe Biden said, she can’t miss.

The NRA is hiding behind the second amendment.  It says nothing about the type of weapons citizens are allowed to possess.  That can, and hopefully will, be regulated.

All persons who kill others with guns are crazy.  The ex-husband or ex-boyfriend who shoots the woman who shunned him is crazy.  The man who has an argument with his neighbor and goes into the house, brings out a gun and shoots him is crazy.  The man who entrenches himself in a school bell tower and indiscriminately guns down men and women, is crazy.  When a young woman, simply talking with friends, is gunned down by a drive-by shooter, that person is crazy.  They are not in the category of young men who murder innocent people in a movie theater, or slaughter 20 young children while they are attending school.  They were probably mentally ill.  That doesn’t change the fact that they had access to weapons that should not be accessible to any regular citizen.  No one needs them.

We, the people, must feel free to go about our normal lives without fear that some angry, crazy person will shoot us.  There are only two, two, gun crazy countries in the world.  We are one of them and have more population.

Since the tragedy in Newtown, 1200 people were murdered by someone using a gun.  The NRA has about 4 and ½ million members.  They are the minority, we are the majority.

The NRA believes that violence is the answer to everything.  Perhaps they’re a group that is illiterate.  The ignorance of waging wars is proof enough that violence accomplishes nothing.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

One Response to "The NRA is hiding behind the second amendment"

  1. greg   February 1, 2013 at 7:17 pm

    The nra represents me and I am an individual. In fact I just joined to make sure the thoughts u express are combatted. The one thing we do agree on is the crazy part. “Crazy” people shouldn’t have guns. But, NOT people shouldn’t have guns because some of us are “crazy”.

    None of u people realize two basic facts. 1.the 2nd amendment is written to enforce the 3rd which means I am protecting myself from the government, not just the burglar and I need LOTS of power to do that. AND 2. You are NOT the majority. You are just more vocal. Power to the people, not the state. When DO people like u get tired of being told what to do or what is good/bad for u? Wouldnt u ratther just have the government provide for the comman defense and STAY THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES?

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