Why Al Gore’s Current TV Sold to Al-Jazeera!

Current TV Sold

Why Al Gore's Current TV Sold to Al-Jazeera!

With FOX “Noise” existing as an arm of the right wing, MSNBC became slightly slanted to the left. Al Gore decided there was a need for a 100% liberal network, and in 2005, along came Current TV.  It was somewhat successful, but he failed to understand one thing about liberals as I’ll explain.

While FOX viewers will sit for hours listening and believing lies, half-truths, and innuendo, we “lefties” will not. Number one, I couldn’t sit in front of my television all day, I have a life.  Number two, if I hear nothing but negativity, or suspect even the smallest of a falsehood, I turn the TV off. Unlike the purpose of FOX, I don’t hate, and I don’t want to be told to hate those whose philosophies are not aligned with my own.

It is reported today the Al-Jazeera has purchased Current. The news service is dominant throughout the Arab nation, and has attempted to secure a network in the United States for some time.

Now before you get all emotional about this, you must know two things:  In the world of journalism, Al-Jazeera is very respected for its ability to seek out the root of a story. Its broadcasts are not anti-American any more than are CNN’s anti-Arab.  The second thing is that you will not be forced to watch it.

Gore’s statement on the sale:  He said Al Jazeera shares the same mission as Current; “to give voice to those who are not typically heard; to speak truth to power; to provide independent and diverse points of view; and to tell the stories that no one else is telling.”

The government of Qatar, which owns Al Jazeera plans to add five to ten news bureaus in the U.S. to the five it has now.  Eventually the name will be changed to Al-Jazeera America. Ownership of “free” broadcast networks is unlawful under United States law, but cable networks are not included.

Because of the deal, Time Warner Cable, the second largest cable network TV operator, is dropping Current from it chain of broadcast stations.

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