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Worst championship game in BCS history

Will It Be The Worst

I’m watching the National Championship Game. The first play of the second quarter saw the Alabama Crimson Tide leading 21-0. Is this going to be the worst championship game in BCS history? I think so. It’s like watching a high school team playing against the best college team in the nation. The first punt for Alabama came with 13 minutes left in the second quarter.

So far Notre Dame’s offense is non-existent, and their defense is porous. Alabama is proving that they are a far superior team. The Irish finally stopped a drive by the “tide”, and the punt returner catches it inside the 5 yard line. An ignorant play by an ignorant player. When the Irish have the ball, quarterback Golson has proven that he cannot lead his team. Unless a drastic change occurs, Alabama has no competition in this game. Nearing halftime, Manti Te’o and the Notre Dame defense are outmatched by the Alabama offense. The game may be over before halftime.

With 31 seconds left in the first half, Alabama scored again. Score 28-0, game over. As the announcers said, “if this was a prize fight, they would have thrown in the towel”.

This is a perfect demonstration of the problem with the BCS. Notre Dame’s competition and lack of definitive victories demonstrated that they were no match for the best teams in collegiate football. Although Alabama was soundly defeated by “Johnny Football”, they have been the best team in college football beginning with game one. I may have to turn off the ‘game’, and watch sitcom re-runs. The first half was the most boring game of football I have ever watched.

The BCS has proven with this game that computer generated championships are not realistic. Games are won on the field, not in the fantasies of “boys and their toys”. Alabama has proven that Notre Dame is in no way competitive with them. They are far superior on offense and defense, and, sadly, make the Irish look like buffoons. Manti Te’o has missed tackles, and proven that he was undeserving of the Heisman.

I predicted that the physicality of Alabama would win the game. But I never thought their dominance would make it a no contest. With just over 7 and a half minutes left in the third quarter, the Tide scored another touchdown by way of a McCarron pass. The score 35-0. The game was embarrassing for Notre Dame, but more embarrassing for the BCS. Computers have been proven to be the most inaccurate prognosticators of human behavior. Nothing can predict the outcome of human physical confrontation.

With 4:08 left in the third quarter, Notre Dame finally scored a touchdown. Is it possible that the Alabama defense became overly confident? The final score was 42-14. This game was no contest. Saban will become a legend in college football’s dynasty.

James Turnage
Columnist-The Guardian Express

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