49ers The Real Winners

49ers The Real Winners

Assisted by “Non-calls”, Ravens Have Super Bowl Win

The game is over.  Flacco was given a gift.  Ray Lewis went out a winner, the way the league wanted.  And, no, this is not a “sour grapes” story.  It’s simply a fact.

This is not the first time in any professional sport when action or non-action by officials or referees has helped decide the outcome of a game.  The biggest difference is that with the camera coverage today, it can’t be hidden.

Enough of that.  Here is the ridiculous part of the media hype.  Already some reporters are talking of a Ravens repeat.  That won’t happen, in fact they won’t even win their division next year.  Flacco won the MVP yesterday simply because there was no one else to give it to on the Ravens team.

Colin Kaepernick was the MVP of the Super Bowl.  The way he led his team back in the second half was remarkable.  And there is no doubt in my mind that they will represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Put in terms all fans can understand, the Ravens are old, the 49ers are young.  The 49ers play a style of football that is the future of the game, the Ravens are passé.

Flacco’s 3 touchdown passes were the result of 49er errors, not a testament to his ability as a quarterback.

My only real complaint is that September is a long way away.  March Madness is too short, but there is the PGA season.  And I’m glad I watched the Phoenix Open instead of all the pre-game hype yesterday.  “Lefty” was terrific.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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