A “No Call” Led to a “No Win”

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A “No Call” Led to a “No Win”

I’ve been reading about it all day.  The refs blew several calls in Super Bowl XLVII yesterday, but none as egregious as the “no call” with 1:46 left in the game.

It was a fourth and goal play.  Colin Kaepernick floated a perfect pass to the right corner of the end zone for Michael Crabtree.  He never got to it.  Defensive back Jimmy Smith held both of Crabtree’s arms, and did not allow him to run under it.

Almost everyone I read today agrees that it was a penalty.  But I was shocked when so many said that they were okay with the no call.  Some said, “I wouldn’t have wanted to be the referee to make that call”.

I can guarantee you that if Crabtree had pushed off they would have called offensive pass interference.  It’s the Super Bowl!  They don’t play again next week.

Another play that cost the 49ers dearly was a no call when Torrey Smith went over the top of Culliver.  It was obvious offensive pass interference, but was not called.  It would have been an interception, instead the Ravens eventually scored.

I have complained about the officiating all year, and I’m not talking about the early season with the replacement refs.  It’s the worst year I have ever seen, and I’m old.

The problem lies in the fact that the officials do not receive punishment for obvious mistakes.  And when they make bad calls even after a review, it’s criminal.  At the very least they should be fined as are the players.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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