Boy Scouts of America and the gay ban


Boy Scouts of America and the gay ban

Conservatives have long voiced their opinions about the LGBT community. From Chik Fil-A to opposing the repeal of “DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL,” and now the debate over marriage equality and gay Boy Scouts. Many seem to voice their opinion based on their own personal religious views.

Some conservatives argue that by allowing gay Boy Scouts, abuse is being welcomed, They seem to forget that there are already possibly gay Boy Scouts among the ranks, many of whom are, just like those in the military, keeping quiet about their sexuality.

Also, the ban on gay Boy Scouts may lead closeted boys to join up, and if  so, then, like the military, the Boy Scouts will have gays regardless of the ban. So… regardless of the ban, The Boy Scouts of America cannot stop gays from joining; it can only keep them silenced about their sexuality. Just as not everyone believes in God, conservatives should not force their views on everyone else. Instead, they should teach these boys to have integrity, respect and tolerance for all, and to have a zero tolerance policy for hate.

As conservatives fight for “traditional” values, they should keep in mind that the LGBT community has been around for centuries and isn’t some new trend. Some may treat it as such but there are real gay & lesbian families out there. Hollywood doesn’t portray the real LGBT family, it only perpetrates the stereotypical gay and lesbian individual and family.

Allowing gay Boy Scouts can teach tolerance. Boys will only hate and bully if that is what they are taught.

The Boy Scouts of America is supposed to help groom respectable young men. However, not allowing all boys to join, discriminating against some, teaches intolerance and hate:  something the Boy Scouts of America should stand against. So why would the Boy Scouts of America consider dropping their gay ban only to reconsider not dropping it?

The Boy Scouts of America should be open to all boys who want to join. The Boy Scouts of America teaches boys some valuable lessons about life and all boys should be allowed to participate in those lessons. Those parents who don’t like it, can remove their sons. However, no matter what, their sons will eventually be exposed to the gay lifestyle in some way. That can be through classmates, friendships, roommates or co-workers once they are older, so to shield boys while young instead of sitting down with them and talking about it only prolongs the inevitable.  Eventually, these same boys will develop their own views and beliefs and some may dislike their parents for trying to mold them the way they like.

-Kelly J Newson

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