Chicago: Armed Parole Violator Arrested After Pursuit

Armed Parole Violator Arrested After Pursuit

Armed Parole Violator Arrested After Pursuit Offender on Parole for Previous Gun Arrest, Apprehended Driving Stolen Vehicle Chicago Police arrested and charged an armed parole violator after he led police officers on a brief vehicle and foot pursuit, early Wednesday morning. While on patrol in the Grand Crossing (003rd) District on February 13th, at approximately 2:25 am, officers observed Eric Samuels driving a black 2001 Dodge Intrepid with a nonfunctional taillight Chicago: Armed Parole Violator Arrested After Pursuitand conducted a traffic stop on the 400 block of East 69th Street. As the officers approached the vehicle, they observed that ignition on the vehicle’s steering column was stripped, with a screwdriver protruding from the ignition lock. As the officers
continued their approach, Samuels sped away from the scene. The officers commenced their pursuit of Samuels and immediately radioed for assistance, giving a description of the offender’s vehicle and his direction of flight.
Based on this information, assisting Grand Crossing (003rd) District officers were able to spot the vehicle and curbed it on the 500 block of East 74th Street. Upon stopping the vehicle, Samuels exited with a jacket wrapped around his hand and attempted to elude officers on foot. After a brief foot pursuit, Samuels engaged in a physical struggle with pursuing officers who were trying to place him in custody. During this struggle, officers discovered that Samuels was holding a gun in his hand, which he had attempted to conceal by wrapping a jacket around it. The officers were able to disarm Samuels, place him in custody, and recovered a loaded 9mm handgun with a defaced serial number. A subsequent search of Samuels resulted in the recovery of two fully loaded 15-round magazines and 38 additional 9mm rounds. During the course of this incident, three officers were injured in a traffic accident as they responded to their fellow officers’ request for assistance. One officer suffered a broken wrist, broken nose, and a broken ankle; the second suffered a laceration to their left leg; the
third suffered minor injuries to their neck, back, and legs. All injuries were considered to be non-life threatening and all three were transported to Northwestern Hospital.

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