Chicago: Police work in concert to arrest of 8 offenders

Chicago: Police work in concert to arrest of 8 offenders

Joint Investigation Targets Violent Street Gang
CPD, Summit Police and Other Agencies Work in Concert Leading to Arrest of 8 Offenders

CHICAGO – Members of the Chicago Police Department’s Gang Investigation Division worked in conjunction with the Summit Police Department on a 3-month long investigation targeting members of a street gang responsible for gang and narcotics activity both in Summit and in Chicago’s 8th (Chicago Lawn) District. The investigation culminated with the execution of eight search warrants and the arrest of eight individuals on yesterday’s date.

“This is a great example of cooperation across agencies and jurisdictions to attack a common problem,” said Christopher Kennedy, Commander of CPD’s Gang Investigation Division. “This Department and our law enforcement partners are committed to combating gang crime and enforcing group accountability to improve the quality of life in our communities,” he added.

This investigation was prompted by the December shooting of an off-duty Chicago Police officer during the course of a robbery attempt. The offender in that incident, who was arrested and is currently awaiting trial, was identified as a member of the Latin Kings street gang. The faction this individual was allied with is known to be involved in gang and narcotics activity in both the 8th District in Chicago as well as in Summit, Illinois.

The Chicago Police Department’s Gang Investigation Division worked closely with members of the Summit Police Department to identify targets affiliated with this gang and responsible for criminal activity in Chicago and Summit. They developed information which ultimately led to the issuance of eight search warrants.

On Thursday, February 7th, members of the Chicago Police Department, Summit Police Department, JTFG, DEA/Summit Task Force, FBI and Cook County Sheriff’s Police executed those warrants. In total, eight offenders were arrested and charged for a variety of narcotics and weapons offenses. During the course of executing the search warrants, police recovered two loaded handguns, quantities of cocaine and cannabis, cash and an alligator

Chicago Police and Summit Police will continue to work together and focus on those individuals and organizations responsible for gang and narcotics activity in their respective jurisdictions.


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