Christopher Dorner May Have Perished in Cabin Fire; (Live Video)

Christopher Dorner May Have Perished in Cabin Fire; (Live Video)

A few minutes ago the cabin where Christopher Dorner is believe to be barricaded in began blaze on fire. According to news reports,  a shot was heard as the fire erupted. The cabin is still surrounded by 100 police officers. Authorities  are preparing to make a move.  At the moment no more shots have been fire.

As it stands now it appears, Christopher Dorner may have perished in cabin Fire

During he huge gun battle about four hours ago Christopher Dorner shoot one San Bernardino sheriff’s deputy and wounded another before barricading himself in the cabin was believed to be inside. Dorner, who vowed not to be taken alive, had been surrounded inside the cabin since early Tuesday afternoon.

Dorner is believed to have broken into another home nearby and taken two women hostage before stealing a car, police said. Officials say Dorner crashed the vehicle and fled on foot, where sheriff’s deputies and state Fish and Game officers exchanged fire with him, before he barricaded himself in the cabin.

Early this morning, the LAPD was investigating the more than 1,000 clues to the whereabouts of the former policeman, who began arriving after authorities announced a reward of $ 1 million. The City Council had added $ 100,000 to the huge sum.

Today is the sixth, when authorities allegedly found the suspect.

Lt. Andy Neiman confirmed during a news conference that Dorner was the man who appeared in the video of the Sport Chalet store buying scuba gear, days before the alleged retaliation. The video, released Monday by TMZ, showed the fugitive walking quietly in the store on February 1, 2013

A criminal complaint filed on February 7, 2013 in the Federal Court in Los Angeles Dorner accused have escaped to avoid being judged and speculated that the fugitive might have crossed the border into Mexico.

The complaint contained an affidavit from U.S. Sheriff, Inspector Craig McClusky, written the day he was found the suspect’s truck in the mountains of Big Bear. The statement mentioned McClusky an individual whose description matches that of fugitive trying to escape to Mexico. The document also mentioned a person identified as “JY” that was seen in Costa Mesa and I could have worked with Dorner. The statement did not detail what kind of relationship existed between “JY” and the fugitive. A family member “J.Y.” has a property in the San Bernardino Mountains has been investigated by Sheriff’s investigators San Bernardino County.

Dozens of local, state and federal authorities are at the scene in the San Bernadino Mountains, surrounding the cabin and engaged in an intense standoff with Dorner, a former Navy marksman who swore to kill police and their family members in a manifesto discovered online last week.

The two hostages, who were tied up by Dorner but later escaped, were evaluated by paramedics and were determined to be uninjured.

“Everyone is very hopeful that this thing ends without any more bloodshed,” LAPD Commander Andrew Smith said at a Tuesday evening news conference in Los Angeles, as LAPD and San Bernardino police tensely manned positions around the cabin. “The best thing for him now would be to surrender.

we are still waiting for details.

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