Christopher Dorner’s death still unconfirmed

Christopher Dorner's body still unconfirmed The San Bernardino Police conducted a press conference around 4:00 pm, today where officials did not confirm that the body found in the rubble of the Angelus hut Oak, San Bernardino, was from the former policeman Christopher Dorner.

“I can confirm that the body concerned Dorner, but his behavior seems to indicate,” said Lt. John MacMahon Sheriff Department San Bernardino.

MacMahon revealed that the name of the officer who died yesterday in a confrontation with the alleged Dorner, is Jeremiah MacKey, 35 and father of two young children. “The Sheriff Department officials of San Bernardino are the real heroes.’m Proud to be part of this department,” he added.

The officer Steve Kovensky said the house where he allegedly was hidden Dorner was empty last Thursday. Kovensky said he had reviewed the cabins one by one, checking if the doors had been forced. “If the lock had not been raped, passed to the next”. However, residents of the area expressed their anxiety and fear to KTLA and indicated that no one had beaten their doors.

MacMahon admitted that officers had thrown pyrotechnic gas inside the cabin, but acknowledged that the authorities had deliberately burned. “The hunt Dorner has come to an end,” he said and said it would reveal more details after the investigation.

Dorner hunting, which had spread to Las Vegas, San Diego and Tijuana, concentrated in the mountains of Big Bear, after authorities found his truck in the area burned and abandoned. Apparently, Dorner was hiding all these days in the region, close to the police command center.

Yesterday, around 12:20 pm, authorities received a report of a stolen car on Club View Drive, near where they found the Nissan of Dorner, last week, said LAPD spokesman, Commodore Andrew Smith. The description of the person who had stolen the vehicle matched the runaway. The alleged former cop Christopher Dorner he tied to two women who were cleaning the place and took his car. One woman managed to untie herself and called police.

Official Department of Fish and Wildlife spotted the stolen vehicle and called for backup. Dorner crashed the vehicle and continued on foot.

Moments later, the fugitive stopped a van on Glass Road. Allan Laframboise, driver of the vehicle said that a man who matched the description of Dorner told him to get out of the vehicle and could take his Dalmatian dog traveling with him.

The fugitive barricading him self in a two-story cottage in Oak Angelus, San Bernardino, where the shooting began with teams SWAT Special Weapons and Tactics. During the confrontation, the officer was killed MacKay and Officer Alex Collins was seriously injured, but his life is not in danger.

The officers broke the windows of the house, incendiary tear gas and demolished the walls of the cabin. At that moment, they heard a shot and the cabin caught fire.

Once we gave the heat of the flames and the officers were able to enter the scene, they found a body, but have not confirmed his identity.

Cynthia Bachman, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department of San Bernardino said they had reason to believe that it was Dorner. A driver’s license with your name and other personal items were found in the basement of the cabin, next to the body.

This morning, Lt. Andy Neiman, LAPD spokesman, said at a press conference that the investigation of the suspect would continue after confirmation of his death, but LAPD operations had returned to normal since yesterday night, canceling the tactical alert. On Wednesday morning, the department continued to monitor dozens of homes of the families of officers who had been named in the manifesto of the fugitive.

“Many of the tracks we receive are about the killings allegedly committed by Dorner,” he said. The Task Force will continue to research, to close the case. “There is still much work to do.”

As for the million reward, said Lt. decision was not LAPD, but city attorneys who reviewed and assessed who gets the sum of $ 1,100,000. –

“This is not a celebration,” Neiman said referring to the events of yesterday and offered his condolences to the officers of the Sheriff of San Bernardino.

The spokesman said the department would continue to review the case ended with the dismissal of Dorner. “Beck wants the public to know that the department operates in a transparent manner,” he said. The lieutenant declined to comment on the allegations of injustice and racism within the LAPD that were published in the manifest.

Neiman said the department had not yet estimate the cost of the intense hunt for the last week of overtime insomnia of hundreds of LAPD officers.

“For the first time in the history of the LAPD that this has happened,” said Neiman. “Never a former policeman had behaved in this way. The LAPD has many lessons to be learned from this case.”

Dorner hunting began last Wednesday, when authorities found a connection between Sunday’s double homicides in Irvine and found that the former policeman posted on the Internet two weeks ago. In it, Dorner promised revenge on the LAPD for allegedly having unfairly dismissed. Monica Quan, one of the first two victims, was the daughter of Randal Quan, the retired captain who represented Dorner LAPD panel that determined his dismissal.

Dorner was fired from the LAPD for accusing Teresa Evans, the officer who was training, kicking in the face and shoulder to a man with a history of mental problems. A panel composed of two LAPD captains and a criminal defense attorney who investigated the case found that Dorner had invented the story and accused him of perjury. Dorner then sued the LAPD for unfair dismissal but lost the trial and appeal.

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