Controversy over Florida’s New Business Logo

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By Dawn Cranfield

Controversy over Florida’s New Business Logo

The politically correct police strike again; this time Florida’s new business logo is under attack by some of the state’s businesswomen.  They claim the logo featuring a tie in place of the letter “I” is sexist and does not represent equality in business.

The new logo features the word Florida with a necktie substituting the letter “I” over the slogan “The Perfect Climate For Business”; the logo is primarily green with an orange necktie.

On Ideas out of Jacksonville designed the logo and slogan and the accompanying research launching the new brand was conducted by the North Star Destination Strategies, according to Enterprise Florida spokesman Sean Helton.  (

According to Helton, both men and women approved the logo and slogan after discussing whether or not the tie would give a distinctively gender-oriented message.  They determined to use they logo and stated, “We felt it was a universal symbol of business.” (

However, that sentiment was not shared by all; when the logo was revealed last

Enterprise Florida
Enterprise Florida

Thursday by Republican Governor Rick Scott and Enterprise Florida; they immediately began to receive negative responses from the female business community.

“‘Perhaps they should add a tag line: ‘Florida is the perfect climate for business if you’re a man,’” Beth Leytham, a Tampa-based public relations executive, wrote in an email to the Tampa Tribune.” (

Sue Carlton, Tampa Bay Times columnist, was also indignant over the logo; she opines, “To some of us who grew up with tales of important downtown clubs where businessmen dined and women were unwelcome, of big deals cut on golf courses without pesky women in attendance, the message is not so subtle: Businessmen Welcome Here.  The rest of you? Eh.” (

Conversely, not all women were offended by the tie in the logo; on Fox’s “The Five” both women indicated they felt it was a non-issue and essentially the affronted females were going overboard with their critique.

Additionally, Enterprise Florida’s chief marketing officer Melissa Medley told NBC News, “The tie is iconic to mean business. It has nothing to do with gender roles.  It’s just a cartoon.  We’re going to move forward with this campaign.”  (

One uninspired suggestion from Pamela Rogan, president of the Central Florida Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners was that Enterprise Florida use “a briefcase or something like an iPhone or a smartphone”.  (

This newest controversy is not surprising; the list of politically correct (or incorrect) methods in which you can insult another is growing daily.  From the use of the word “human”, because it has the word “man” and is gender-specific, to saying Merry Christmas because of the religious undertones.

If you hear about the one where some states are changing the wording in their constitutions, it is not the beginning of a joke; Washington State is the latest to begin the arduous process to eliminate gender-specific language.

CartoonThere is no such thing as a freshman, they are first-year students; no more stewardesses, now you we are served by flight attendants; a chairman is now a chairperson; and juvenile delinquents are now troubled youth or children at risk.

I am getting worried about calling my pet a dog because she might turn me in for mental distress; she thinks I am calling her ugly she is really a canine.  Moreover, my house phone is upset because I have a smartphone, so now it is worried that I think it is a dumb phone; I just cannot win.

When will it end?

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