Eric Cantor, says he is ready to do something about the “debt ceiling”

 Eric Cantor, says he is ready to do something about the “debt ceiling”

Is Cantor Showing Us That There Is At Least One Intelligent Republican?

House majority leader, Eric Cantor, says he is ready to do something about the “debt ceiling”, and that the continuous position of talking about debt, deficit, and austerity is futile.  His aide said:

“We are in a town run by Democrats, and we cannot win the hearts and minds of Americans if we are just talking about numbers, day in and day out,” said a Cantor aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss his boss’s plans. “There are a lot of things Republicans care about.”

Mr. Cantor appears to be re-asserting his position in the House.  He has separated himself from Speaker Boehner on occasion, and promises to lay forth a new Republican strategy in a couple of days.

Prior to the election, Cantor had joined Boehner and Mitch McConnell in their obstructionist tactics, which obviously failed.  While Boehner is struggling to unify the Republican led House of Representatives, Cantor is expected to try a new approach.

In a highly touted speech to the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday, the Virginia congressman plans to pay tribute to the “working mom:” “Her grocery bills are higher, her kids’ school needs are more expensive, rent is up – and now, she’s just trying to get by.”

And: “Too many parents have to weigh whether they can afford to miss work even for half a day to see their child off on the first day of school or attend a parent-teacher conference.”

Possibly he has become as fatigued as many other Republicans, losing battle after battle with the President.  And maybe he has come to realize that his party needs leaders who do not owe their allegiance to any particular group, but to the collective American people.

Either way, fighting battles with accusations and innuendos through the media will never be the answer to making government work.  They actually need to talk to each other intelligently, to exchange ideas, to find that word that for 4 years appeared to have been removed from their vocablulary, it’s COMPROMISE.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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