Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence bodies found dead in their car

Tragedy For Cal State, Fullerton, MondayMurder of Cal State Fullerton Coach

The bodies of Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence were found in their car at the condominium complex where they lived, both shot to death.

Quan was an assistant basketball coach for the women’s team.  Lawrence had just been hired by USC in August as a Department of Public Safety officer.  He had graduated from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Academy.  Both had played basketball at Concordia University in Irvine, where they met.  They had recently become engaged.

Police are investigating what they have determined is a double homicide.  As of this moment, no motive for the murders has been discovered.

Quan was in her 4th year as an assistant, 2 at Fullerton, and 2 previously at Cal State Lutheran.  Women’s head basketball coach Marcia Foster said about Quan:

“I’m sorry that we are gathered here today for news like this,” Foster said. “There are really no words to convey the sadness that our program feels, that the young women who have had the priviledge of working with such a bright and passionate woman.”  She added:  “We just shared a moment of incredible joy with Monica on her recent engagement…” Foster said. “Here’s what I want to tell you, I want to tell you that a really bright light was put out way too soon. Somebody, whose passion was impacting young women through the game of basketball, has been taken away from us in a very unfortunate situation.”

Quan was 28, Lawrence’ age was not reported.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express


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