Georgia: Man stabs girlfriend and try to kill their children

Georgia: Man stabs girlfriend and try to kill their children Men try to kill their two children

Ellis Weatherspoon is charge with stabbing his girlfriend multiple times in the neck and trying to kill her two children.

“I am very convinced that his intentions were to kill himself and to kill the children,” said Fannin County Sheriff Dane Kirby.

Fannin County Police where able to rescue two children, a one-year-old girl and her 6-year-old brother. Tuesday night a 911 call enter the center around 9:36 pm regarding a stabbing on the 516 E Tennessee Street in McCaysville.

Around 100 officers from Fannin conducted an all night search for the two children. 12 hours later they were able to tracked Weatherspoon and the two children in a vacant camper trailer on Highway 5 in McCaysville.

Walden approached the trailer and try to communicate with the suspect with our getting any answer.Georgia: Man stabs girlfriend and try to kill their children

“I told him to come to the front of the trailer,” Walden said. “I started giving him stronger commands to exit the trailer, exit the camper and come out.”

Weatherspoon turned the gas on inside the trailer before arrived. “He was hoping that the gas fumes would just overcome them and they would basically got to sleep and this would all be over,” Walden said another deputy broke out a back window and was overwhelmed with the smell of propane gas.

Deputy Chief Walden he then quickly grabbed the one-year-old and handed her to another deputy while another deputy rescued the 6-year-old.

“Everybody there knew something had to be done and had to be done in a hurry,” he said. “That’s why there was such a good feeling afterward when they were all out.”

“I’m proud of not only my office and the men and women that were there, but I’m very proud and thankful for everyone that reached out to us to assist us,” Sheriff Kirby said.

The mother of the children was stabbed multiple times. The six-year-old boy’s hair was singed, according to Walden but both children are otherwise okay.

This is the second time in one-week incidents like this happen in Georgia. A

Yesterday A woman and two children found dead in their home

A third child was taken to Denver Health Medical Center, that child was in surgery at 8:55 a.m.
According to reports CBS4 Denver dle channel, the children came out on a stretcher with unknown injuries. The child was in critical condition. The incident happens on the 4900 block of Pearl Street.
Denver Police Lt. Matt Murray said officers are not searching for a gunman. Officers were awaiting a warrant to search the home for evidence.

“It appears to be an isolated incident. We are talking to people, we are talking to witnesses but we have no indication that there is a shooter out there on the loose in Denver,” said Murray.

“All of the children appear to be under the age of 10. However because we have not been able to verify identity I can’t tell you exactly how old each child was,” said Murray. “They are young children.”

Emergency crews attended a call in the city duplex Globeville. Crews responded at approximately 6:55 a.m, which is located near the intersection with 49th and Pearl in the Globeville neighborhood.
Several police cars are on the scene.
Police said they are investigating a shooting in Denver, local media reported as unknown details of what happened.

Denver Police Chief Richard White said there are children involved in the incident, but wouldn’t elaborate. He said names and ages of the victims won’t be released pending notification of family members.
“I would ask that we all keep those involved — those that are going to be faced with this horrible tragedy — in our thoughts,” said White in a brief statement.

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