High School Senior gets standing ovation for coming out


High School Senior gets standing ovation for coming out

Jacob Rudolph is a brave teen, especially in a time where gay teens
are committing suicide because of the pressures they are facing in being
gay. Still, Jacob Rudolph a New Jersey high school senior found the
courage to come out in front of his high school class. Never minding what they may have thought after he told them but
being a voice for the LGBT community and showing who he is and
he did in a way that was unsuspecting. Jacob Rudolph was originally
suppose to accept an award for best actor when instead he announced to
his classmates that he had been acting all his life. Meaning he had
been acting straight all his life and after his announcement he
received a standing ovation.

It’s tough for some teens to come out and many are in very different
environments but Jacob Rudolph had the courage and stayed true to
himself. Now as he turns the next page into his adult life, he
stands proud as a gay man.

-Kelly J Newson

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