Joe Flacco’s Deal to Affect Aaron Rodgers and Others

hi-res-160613972_crop_exactJoe Flacco is set to become a very, very rich man. Flacco’s contract will dictate that of Aaron Rodgers and other quarterbacks. Flacco will be most likely be looking at a Drew Brees and Peyton Manning type contract. He is hot at the right time, and ready to cash in. Flacco’s agent Joe Linta says Flacco should be the highest paid quarterback in the league.

Flacco’s post season was capped with a Super Bowl MVP. He threw 11 touchdowns to 0 interceptions, and passed for 1140 yards. He was near perfect throughout the Ravens run to Super Bowl Champions. Flacco proved that the trend of people jumping on the mobile quarterback bandwagon, may be just a step ahead of it’s time.

Aaron Rodgers is taking great interest in Flacco’s deal. Rodgers was heard saying on his weekly radio show, “I think everybody is going to see what Joe ends up signing for. I’m sure they want to lock him up. He’s a great player, had an incredible run in the playoffs, and I’m sure they want to keep him around. A guy like that, with the postseason success he’s had, you want to keep a guy like that around for a while.”

iRodgers, also a Super Bowl MVP signed a 6-year $65 million contract in 2008. His salary in 2013 is $9.25 million and in the final year of his contract (2014) he will earn $10.5 million. Rodgers deal is a huge steal as he is a top five quarterback in this league. Consider that Michael Vick made $15 million and Carson Palmer made $13 million last season, Rodgers is massively underpaid for his talents.

Rodgers knows that Flacco’s contract and others will dictate the market for his. Green Bay Packer’s fans and front office will wonder if Rodgers will give the Packers the hometown discount. Rodgers avoided those questions by saying, “It kind of is what it is, as far as that goes. The team, when they’re ready to talk contract, we’ll get there when we get there.When that time comes, we’ll get a deal done. I’m not worried about that. I think the Packers want to keep me around for a little while longer, and I’d love to be a Packer for life.”

One thing is known for sure with Ray Lewis retiring and Ed Reed a free agent the Ravens need Flacco to be the leader of the team. Flacco is the future of the Ravens and the face of the franchise moving forward. For 16 years Ray Lewis has been the face of the Ravens, now when you think of the Ravens you will think of one Joe Flacco. By Steve Kish

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