Keeping it Fresh with Shorty Phresh (Interview)


Keeping it Fresh with Shorty Phresh (Interview)

Just as the ladies love LL Cool J they love Shorty Phresh. From her refreshing lyrics to owning her own style and just being her. Shorty Phresh makes music that the ladies love but the guys can love too. As well as appreciate her skill as she spit smooth and catchy lyrics. Including the catchy LGBT anthem “We Can Start An Epidemic.” Now, Shorty Phresh is preparing to release a new mixtape entitled “Seats Taken.” Here’s Shorty Phresh in her own words:

KJN: Tell the world who Shorty Phresh is.
SHORTY PHRESH: Lesbian. Sell my story from my point of view. Prefer to make music for Lesbian community but I make music for everyone.

KJN: Who are some of your influences? What made you want to do hip hop?
SHORTY PHRESH: Older sister, Tupac and Lil Kim. This is what I do.

KJN: How you feel bein labeled a LGBT artist?

KJN: What’s on your iPod right now?
SHORTY PHRESH: J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, The Weekend, 2 Chainz; Chris Brown, E-40

KJN: Dream collaboration?

KJN: Producers you would love to work with?
SHORTY PHRESH: J.Cole and Kanye West

KJN: New project is called “SEATS TAKEN.” Tell the readers about it and the inspiration behind it? Release date?
SHORTY PHRESH: Something different, in your face, not sugar coated. “SEATS TAKEN” is about being a stud and an MC. People think this and that. Afraid of something different, then when you make it people jump on the band wagon. Summer.

KJN: You have a first single?
SHORTY PHRESH: Will be re-releasing “WE CAN START AN EPIDEMIC” as well as “GIRLS” and “SEATS TAKEN” for next single.

KJN: inspiration behind “WE CAN START AN EPIDEMIC?”
SHORTY PHRESH: Being proud of who you are. It’s a very cocky type of song.

KJN: Can the fans expect any videos soon?
SHORTY PHRESH: Every song on the mixtape will have a video.

KJN: Tour?
SHORTY PHRESH: After mixtape release

KJN: What else you have in store for the fans?
SHORTY PHRESH: ‘JUDGE ME NOT’ t-shirt line and proceeds to go a LGBT charity that I’m involved with.
Twitter: @ShortyPhresh

“We Can Start An Epidempic” – Shorty Phresh20130218-093141.jpg

-Kelly J Newson

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