Manti Te’o and Lance Armstrong Lead America’s Top 10 Most Disliked Athletes

And Now For A Little Humor


Here’s the list of the “Most Disliked American Athletes”, voted by the fans.

Manti Te’o 15% Appeal

Lance Armstrong 15% Appeal

Tiger Woods 19% Appeal

Jay Cutler 21% Appeal

Metta World Peace 21% Appeal

Alex Rodriguez 22% Appeal

Michael Vick 23% Appeal

Kurt Busch 27% Appeal

Kobe Bryant 27% Appeal

Tony Romo 27% Appeal

Not making the list this time, (and I’m not sure why) were Plaxico Burress Ndamukong Suh, and Terrell Owens.

The story of Manti Te’o and his “girlfriend” is still in question.  There are too many unanswered concerns about his statements throughout the situation.  The whole story cannot be put into a cognitive paragraph.

What can we say about Lance Armstrong?  He is a villain of the highest magnitude, and continues to attempt to make himself appear to be “just one of many who broke the rules”.  What he is actually doing is trying to save his money.

Tiger Woods most likely lost the majority of his credibility for all time when he crashed his SUV on that fateful Thanksgiving Day.  But, I, for one, cannot deny that I still love to watch him play.  And he has one redeeming quality, he is extremely generous in charitable donations.

I don’t understand at all why Ndamukong Suh is not near the top of the list.  He is the dirtiest player in football.  He’s actually worse than that, he tries to physically injure other players.

As for Terrell Owens, he made himself a “nobody”, not even deserving of being part of a negative list.  He’s a complete joke.  Possibly one of the most physically gifted athletes of all time, he never possessed the intelligence to use his talents.  He let his ego rule many bad choices.

It’s a fun list.  The fans have spoken.  With more uneducated and immature athletes joining the professional ranks every year, we may see a much longer list in the near future.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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