Republican Policy: President Obama Wants It, Just Say No

Republican Policy: President Obama Wants It, Just Say No

President Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense was admirable.  A decorated, enlisted, Vietnam Veteran, and former United States Senator, Hagel brings a broad perspective to the position.

Although he has faced severe and unwarranted criticism from his own Republican Party, he is expected to be confirmed.  But wait!

Senator Ted Cruz, (R), of Texas is asking him the impossible.  (Why don’t we let Texas secede from the Union?  We don’t want them, and they don’t want us.)

Although Hagel has complied with every request every requirement during the Senate Confirmation Hearings, Cruz wants more.  He wants financial disclosure about Hagel’s financial interest in any company, which have already been submitted.  And he wants disclosure of all personal financial records.  He wants transcripts from all speeches Hagel has made, many of which were not prepared, and there are no transcripts.

Cruz and 24 other Republicans are “grasping at straws” to find a way to deny Hagel’s confirmation.  They are erroneously accusing him of being uncooperative and secretive.

Because Hagel served on the boards of corporations who were involved in international business, they insinuate that he was “unduly influenced by foreign governments”.

If you read Hagel’s history, and simply browse through his testimony, there is no valid reason to refuse his confirmation.  It’s simply another case of Republicans saying “no” before they know any of the facts. That’s been their policy over the last 5 years, President Obama wants it, just say no.

I hoped that failure by the Republican Party to unseat Mr. Obama would lessen the GOP’s attitude of obstructionism.  My optimism was once again misguided.  We’re dealing with the same group who did nothing for four years with the exception of one thing.  That one thing was spelled out by Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, who openly stated almost three years ago:  “Our only goal is to make Obama a one-term President”.  You failed, deal with it.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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