Mexico: Joaquin Cordero died at 89

A major loss will be felt across the Mexican community with the passing of this great Mexican actor.

Mexico: Joaquin Cordero died at 89

Joaquin Cordero, passes

Joaquin Cordero, a famous Mexican actor, died today at 89-years old, according to the National Actors Association (ANDA). The actor had spent nine days in the hospital and was released on February 10.

Claudia Lamb, who is married to Joaquin Cordero’s  son, David, said in early February that, the artist will soon reappear publicly and wished they organize a party at his house to stay cheerful.

So far it has been reported that he died at home with his family.

The health of stellar films as “Pepe, the bull” and “Champion Bill,” deteriorated after the death of his wife, who died six months ago.

Joaquin Cordero was born in Puebla on August 16, 1923. Spanning seven decades of an artistic career, he participated in one hundred and thirty feature films and forty melodramas.

The actor is survived by his sons Antonio, Gabriel and David. The friendly and polite character, comes from the preparation of when was in the seminary, where he studied Humanities Tulancingo. Joaquin Cordero’s also studied Latin, Greek and philosophy, as his career continued in the United States.

Using his characteristic honesty, the young man questioned his vocation concluding that, it was not for him so he decided to disrobe and study law, but fate had another path.

In this way and without planning Joaquin Cordero reached the Churubusco and was fascinated by the footage they did at the time. With the strength of his youth, he asked if they needed extras. This led to him  meeting, and falling in love with the theater and the art of acting, which then led on to a 75-year career.

Starting from the bottom, he initially started as an extra, earning 12 pesos a day, but he did show his gallantry as the darling of producers and directors. His first big break was beside the Pedro Armendáriz in the black pirate where he played a pirate in 1944.

With this first salary, as a gentleman he fulfilled the commitment of marriage he had with his beloved, Alma, whom he married later that year. They were still happily married, until death parted them.

A great satisfaction came with the taping of, The Two Orphans, with which he won an Ariel in 1949. From 1960, the actor moved to television with, My Love in the Past, which was one of the pioneering soap operas.

According to various media reports, the first actor spent his last days quietly at home, surrounded by his loved ones, who added, he did not suffer any physical pain. His remains will be veiled in a funeral home in Mexico City.

“Hoy murió un gran actor, pero sobre todo un excelente ser humano, GRACIAS por tu ejemplo abuelo querido TE AMO!!!”. Daniela Cordero

“Con gran pesar me entero del deceso del Señorón Don Joaquín Cordero, gran actor, excelente compañero y amigo. Tuve la fortuna de trabajar con él en la telenovela Amor de Nadie y guardo gratos recuerdos de el. ¡QEPD Don Joaquín Cordero!Mi más sentido pésame para toda su familia.” Lucía Méndez Cantante y actriz.

“Conviví con él en sus últimos momentos, ya esperábamos un desenlace, pero siempre uno los extraña los quiere”. Silvia PinalActriz

Visitation will be held in the funeral of Gayoso Félix Cuevas and confirmed that he will pay tribute today at noon in the body this Teatro Jorge Negrete of ANDA.

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