Murrysville, Pennsylvania Gun Violence Kills 2 and injures one

Murrysville, Pennsylvania Gun Violence Kills 2 and injures one

About 20 miles east of Pittsburgh in the little suburb of Murrysville, two people were shot to death tonight, and one was critically injured in a parking lot outside of a bar in Westmoreland County.

Few details are available, but the deceased are a man and a woman, and the injured person is a female who has been taken to Allegheny General Hospital for treatment.

The incident happened outside of the Cozy Inn Cut Off.  Police believe it was the result of a domestic dispute.  The only statement by authorities was delivered on the scene:  “We have two deceased people in the parking lot – one a male, one a female. We also have a third female victim who was LifeFlighted to AGH. Her condition is unknown right now,” Murrysville Police Chief Tom Seeseld said. “It’s apparent that the situation is the result of a domestic problem.”

This is just another in the increased violence by weapons of mass destruction, better known as “guns” in America.  While the NRA continues to say that we need assault rifles and high output magazines to protect ourselves against “criminals”, deaths by gunshot of innocent citizens are on the rise.  The majority of them have legal access to their killing machines.

As despicable and tragic as Sandy Hook was, it is only the tip of the iceberg if we ignore the fact that only two countries in the world are obsessed with guns.  They are the United States, and Norway.

More people are slaughtered in our country by guns than are killed in automobile accidents.  More people are murdered in our county by guns than die of most diseases.  More women and children are killed by guns annually  than soldiers were killed in a single year in Iraq.

The rights of the many are supposed to supersede the rights of the few.  That is the basic law of the land.  Thanks to the gun lobby, spearheaded by the NRA, and supported by the Republican Party, the few trump the majority.

Every day I am disgusted by the gun crazies who hide behind the second amendment.  History proves that it would never have existed if our forefathers could have seen into the future.  If you are truly fearful of home invasion, or control of our country by military force, do something about it.  Arming a bunch of inefficient militia men is suicide.  Get involved.  And if all else fails vote intelligently.

Victims of gun violence have no lobby, all they have are the facts.  They can’t influence government officials by giving them millions of dollars in “campaign contributions”.  They have already paid enough.  They have lost loved ones to someone who legally obtained a firearm and took their lives.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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