Oscar Pistorius Trial Will It Be Over Before It Begins?

Oscar Pistorius Trial Will It Be Over Before It Begins?

Pistorius Trial:  Will It Be Over Before It Begins?

The autopsy of Reeva Steenkamp, girlfriend of “the Blade Runner”, Oscar Pistorius has been completed and handed to authorities.  Its contents have
not been revealed to the public, but one fact was revealed, the 29 year old model/law school graduate was not pregnant as reported by some questionable sources.

What will be of interest is if the “bloodied cricket bat” reportedly discovered at the scene was used on Ms. Steenkamp.  One unnamed police officer told South African reporters that her “head had been crushed”.

We know she was shot 4 times by Pistorius with his 9 mm pistol through a locked bathroom door.  We know he says he thought Ms. Steenkamp was in bed beside him, and that he believed his home had been invaded by an intruder.  He says he didn’t have his prosthetics on as he proceeded to the bathroom and fired his weapon.

Police claim that the angle of the gunshots were from a man standing at least six feet tall, and were aimed directly at the toilet.  They also ask why she would lock the door?

Because the trial is not until June, many of these questions will be at least partially answered, and new ones will arise.

At this point the prosecution’s job is to conceal facts until the case of premeditated murder can be coalesced.

The job of the defense in the next several months will be to cast doubt on the prosecution’s case and make Pistorius story of an intruder plausible.

The only ‘sure thing’ in a high profile case is that most people will have made up their mind before it begins.

And the only other fact that matters is that two young and promising lives have been taken.  Ms. Steenkamp will never achieve her dreams, and Pistorius will face manslaughter charges at the very least, and convicted of premeditated murder or not, many will continue to believe him guilty.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

2 Responses to "Oscar Pistorius Trial Will It Be Over Before It Begins?"

  1. J Holden   March 6, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    I am so relieved to know someone else believes that too. Enough is enough w/ everyone wanting to believe he’s like so many other athletes/celebrities and presuming he’s guilty. His story is not unthinkable, or even unheard of in SA. I completely believe in his innocence until it’s proved otherwise.

  2. R M Newton   March 5, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    I believe his story is plausible. I believe he would have raised his aim with the gun, as he was used to a life(since 1 year old) of compensating for his disability, including height without prosthetics.
    It is my belief he was in love with this woman. My view of the case to date makes me feel it was the same type of mistake Rudi Visagie made when he killed his daughter.


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