P.R.A.D.A: From Poetry to Hip Hop (Interview)

P.R.A.D.A: From Poetry to Hip Hop (Interview)

P.R.A.D.A: From Poetry to Hip Hop (Interview)

Born with a talent to create amazing wordplay. P.R.A.D.A didnt start off in hip hop but with poetry instead. Later and as she grew as an artist she begin to apply her skills to the mic. Putting together some of the illest rhymes and flows while having the confidence to take her music career to the next level. Here’s P.R.A.D.A in her own words.

KJN: Tell the world about PRADA
P.R.A.D.A: The name stands for Panacea Rhetoric Adduced Despite Adversity. Panacea, meaning a remedy for all ills or difficulties(cure-all). Rhetoric, meaning the art of speaking or writing effectively. Adduced, meaning to offer as an example, reason, or proof in discussion/analysis. The rest is self-explanatory. I wanted a name that stood for what I feel I can/do bring to the music scene as a Hip Hop artist.

KJN: What made you want to get into hip hop? Inspiration?
P.R.A.D.A: I originally wrote poetry as a coping mechanism when I was younger as an outlet, because I used to get into trouble a lot in school. I was given the advice to start writing and see if it worked. As I wrote more people took to the heart to heart in my poetry. Once it was made aware to me that rap verses where based from poetry in there rhyming I began to study the art of hip hop. Once I had a handle on the structure it became a second hobby to basketball.

KJN: Lyric and or MC that inspires you most?
P.R.A.D.A: I would have to say Wale. His word play is ridiculously nice, while not steering from underlying purpose within his rhymes. He can do a collab on any song but bring that lyrical twist that’s not just punch-lines.

KJN: What’s your creative process when creating music? How do you track?
P.R.A.D.A: I feel that every track has a base puzzle created by the producer of what is to be laid down on the track. I like to figure that out and alter it, so that the impression is that is was made around my lyrics and not my lyrics made to fit it. I’m big on time management, so I track about 7 songs in a four-hour block. It’s usually literally laying the hooks/verses/adlibs with a quick overview to make sure every things clear and then I go to the next song. So many artist spend a whole four hours finishing one song and leave not sure if they can afford that time for the next song. When I leave, there is a basic mix on everything because two hours out of a block I tracked and the other two was spent on the basic mix. So I know that hey, if anything happens I have 7 tracks of studio quality vocals that just need to be mixed. There are great mixing engineers that have low fees so I can sleep with knowing I might just need to pay someone a small flat fee to mix all the songs.

KJN: What’s playing on your iPod now?
P.R.A.D.A: Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Wale, Yelawolf, Gerald Walker, John Coltrane, Etta James, Tank. I do listen to a bit of everything for the sake of staying observant to music world…those are just top players. Music is the language of the mind and subconscious I feel, so its important to learn from different perspectives of life.

KJN: STEREO TRENDS is the project. Tell the fans about it, influences and how it came to be?
P.R.A.D.A: I kept hearing people say they didn’t listen to the radio because it’s the same songs over and over. So I wanted to play off that emotion with the title, but catch people off guard when they hit play. Bringing that old school hip hop feel was important but as a Texas native felt that it had to have that slight street bounce to it.

KJN: Favorite track from the tape?
P.R.A.D.A: Everfresh would have to take the winning seat as far as favorite. It was more of a spoken word driven track that forced me, through altering its “puzzle” to bring an emotional tone that I had not tried before.

KJN: Any singles? Videos?
P.R.A.D.A: M.D.P. (Million Dollar Plan) is currently on iTunes. As well the next single 100s20s is awaiting visuals, which are in the works, and then it will be released on iTunes as well. The video projected date is March 24th of this year.

P.R.A.D.A: From Poetry to Hip Hop (Interview)

KJN: Will you be touring or any shows coming up?
P.R.A.D.A: I am scheduled to perform at Miami Pride this year. (May 24th-27th). Passage Playground Productions is working on a tour during the summer, so I’m looking forward to that as they have expressed interest.

KJN: Do you feel pressure as a female MC?
P.R.A.D.A: Not as a female MC because I feel I hold my weight when around male artist. More of the pressure I feel is as a lyricist. Sometimes as a lyricist you feel like you have to dumb down so that its not an overload for the average listener, so keeping that in mind while still challenging my word play and lyrics to grow causes a bit of stress more so than pressure.

KJN: Dream collaboration?
P.R.A.D.A: My dream collaboration would have to be working with the ever so talented Erica Badu. To be in the studio and artistic environment with her, I feel would be full of growth as an artist through observation as well as conversation. I think anyone that is involved in hip hop has to wonder what her conversation is like. She represents the city I’m from very well!

KJN: What’s your take on Femcees today?
P.R.A.D.A: There are not many that seem to be driven to having that lyrical villain title. So many are just about their image and not the content that comes with it. They will use lyricism and punch-lines to get into the game and then just stop once the recognition comes.

KJN: Name a Femcee, past or present that you would love to collaborate with.
P.R.A.D.A: Look Alive is someone I have been paying attention to lately as a female MC and would definitely in the future like to link up with.

KJN: What’s next for you?
P.R.A.D.A: More visuals, singles, promotion, and an in-house project to show-off my engineering skills I’m currently going to school for. Towards the end of the year I am looking to start on an album.

KJN: Where can fans keep up to date with you and what you are doing?
P.R.A.D.A: www.skylyfemusic.com
Twitter: @teamskylyfe
Facebook: P.R.A.D.A. The Student
Email: Bookingp.r.a.d.athestudent

KJN: Last words for the fans.

P.R.A.D.A: Thank you to those that take the time to listen and not just hear the music. We so often complain about where the game is at, so as a lyricist and rapper it means the world to have people that support it in that way. Also, thank you to my sponsor JunkWear (www.junkwear.net).

‘M.D.P.’ available now on iTunes

-Kelly J Newson