Seth MacFarlane, Thumbs Up, or Thumbs Down?

So, What About Seth MacFarlane?


Seth MacFarlane, Thumbs Up, or Thumbs Down?

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2013 Oscars last night.  The women were beautiful, the men charming an debonair.  For once not a single film monopolized the golden statues.  Daniel Day Lewis made history by receiving his third award for ‘Best Actor’, and it was well deserved.  Ang Lee and “The Life of Pi” introduced a certain spirituality into the evening.  And kudos to Ben Affleck whose film “Argo” took home the biggest prize of the evening, although he was not nominated for ‘Best Director’.  And performances by Adele, Shirley Bassey, Barbara Streissand, and Jennifer Hudson were thrilling.

But what did you think of the host, Seth MacFarlane?

The creator of “the Family Guy”, and host of celebrity roasts on ‘Comedy Central’, stayed true to form displaying a crude sense of humor.  With the Oscars having a theme for the first time, music, and musicals, he was a good choice.  He can sing and dance.

Some of MacFarlane’s humor generated more groans than laughter.  Subjects such as Lincoln’s assassination, jews in Hollywood, women, and Hispanic accents were in poor taste.

He did have two memorable moments.  The first came at the very beginning of the show.  MacFarlane said, “the clock is on to see how long it will take to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh”.  Jones took the bait.  The second moment came late in the show when the Best Actor award was to be given.  MacFarlane said, “and now for someone who needs no introduction”, and walked off stage.  Last year’s Best Actress winner, Meryl Streep stepped forward to present the award.

Susan King and Rene Lynch of the Los Angeles Times said:  “There was a song about boobs, jokes about Jews in Hollywood, cracks about Lincoln’s assassination and Latino accents, and talk of post-Oscars orgies – lines that had the audience groaning at times.

Let’s just say he’s a long shot for an Emmy for his hosting duties.”

Alessandra Stanley of the New York times:  “Fewer could have foreseen that old Hollywood and new would come together in one MC.  Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, crooned sappy standards (The Way You Look Tonight) and carried himself like Fred Astaire. But he also stayed true to form, taking crude shots at Jews in Hollywood, women and even the Lincoln assassination.”

Overall a very good show, although I could have done without William Shatner.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express


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  1. jarrod michaelson   February 26, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Shatner was a fun bit, but too long of a bit. Seth’s joke writers hit a wall on so many lame jokes. Even Seth looked as though he couldn’t tolerate pumping out one more of the badly written, sarcastic and not witty lines. Jennifer Rubin for the Washington Compost said it beautifully, remarks on Ms. Obama’s showing off to the camera. Not saying one damn word for the military while military men decorated her stage….what a disgusting oversight or typical ‘let them eat cake’ moment. All in all, everyone I know thought it was bizarre having her pop up at the Oscars. After all, I resent Michelle hyping organic gardens while she and her sig other support Monsanto and allow GMO foods, Frankenfish to be bred and all the dangerous drugs to be handed out like candy to our military AND youth! Where is she on cancer causing/radiation smart meters being forced upon Amerikans? Oh, yea the globalist Hollywood rah rah rah demonic, violent, filthy natured, gun glorifying movie industry. Isn’t she a grand woman, 1st lady of the tyrant in chief? NDAA as a centerpiece?


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