U.S. Border Patrol shoot 16-year-old 11 times

Mexico may retaliate

U.S. Border Patrol shoot 16-year-old 11 times

Nogales. – José Antonio Elena Rodríguez, got shot 11 times he was 16-year-old. In October 10, 2012 he was shot by agents of the U.S. Border Patrol, according to an autopsy conducted by specialist of the Attorney General of State.

According to the report, Jose received at lease 8 shot in the back as if they had been fired in a single burst or round,

Luis Fernando Parra, family lawyer Elena Rodriguez in America, said. The family includes the possibility of a lawsuit.

The rest of the shots where on the right side, suggesting that the young man’s boday was already laying on the floor. The direct cause of death was head injury contributing to the demise internal bleeding due to laceration of great vessels and drilling of both lungs all by bullets fired from the U.S Border Patrol.

The copy of the autopsy report is signed by Dr. Absalom Madrigal Díaz Javier Godinez and Trejo, specialists of the Attorney General of the State in Nogales, Sonora. The lawyer said that day elements of the 066 Border Patrol called to report that they had fired into Mexico.

The file number is 0656/2012 and the application of the autopsy performed by Roberto Tapia Valdez, Agent First Public Ministry of Common Law and the copy is certified by the secretary of agreements Ontamucha Innocent Ramirez.

The 066 operator asked who had shot and the agent on the phone said that it was they, the Border Patrol and the shooters were never informed that shooting at them.

“When the operator asked how many shots were fired and the element name to the Border Patrol, he refused to report and hung up,” the lawyer Parra.

The U.S. Border Patrol agents who shot against Mexican teenager were also about five feet away from the minor, on a hill and behind the fence that is about four meters high.

The lawyer Luis Fernando Parra, who has his office in the United States, said that at no time was a danger for Border Patrol agents and they never reported.

She further acknowledged that it was an excessive use of police force against a Mexican citizen who was in the country. “We have ensured that the family has access trial due and we have requested the U.S. authorities, in compliance with international law,” he said.

“The parents, especially the mother, Araceli Rodriguez, have continued to seek justice in what has been a tragedy for the whole family,” said the lawyer.

Border Patrol officials declined to comment on the autopsy report. They mentioned that an open FBI investigation, charged with inquiring about the shootings that is involved in the Border Patrol.

The FBI spokeswoman, Jennifer Giannola, also refused to discuss the investigation.

The Border Patrol has indicated that several officers responded on 10 October to reports of drug trafficking in the border fence separating Nogales. The officers noticed two people who left a load of narcotics and then fled back into Mexico, according to the agency.

Then, the officers were attacked with stones from the Mexican side of the border. Rodriguez’s body was found on a sidewalk in Mexico near the border fence.

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