Vatican Power Struggle Emerges

Pope Benedict XVI's announcement that he would resign continues in full fury

Vatican: will a younger, more energetic Pope, be better equipped to face the extremely difficult issues.

Pope Benedict XVI's announcement that he would resign continues in full fury

Vatican: 2/28/2012, Pope Benedict resigns.  The helicopter had barely touched down, when CNN’s global intelligence and forecasting network, LIGNET, (Longley Intelligence Group Network), is reporting on a power struggle within the Vatican.

Press reports have confirmed LIGNET’s brief.  Now, a newly released LIGNET report, details the intrigue, surrounding the selection of the new Pope and reveals details of the leading contenders.

The heated power struggle that marked the period leading up to Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement that he would resign continues in full fury. Cardinals will soon meet in conclave (possibly next week) to choose his successor and decide on a clear path forward for the Church.

Scandals at the Vatican bank and allegations of sexual misconduct within the Papal city appear to be the underlying reason for Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation.  A younger, more energetic Pope should face these extremely difficult issues.

Italian and international news services have reported serious allegations of misconduct inside the Vatican walls.  Sources inside say some are true and some are not, but the fact remains that some stories have come from within the Vatican itself.  It may be that certain of these lurid tales have been purposely leaked to influence the outcome of the upcoming “Conclave”.

Vatican sources told LIGNET, the cardinals are intent in using this papal selection to stop the Church’s public relations haemorrhaging.

When the Pope announced his resignation, speculation has run rampant.  The Italian newspapers have been the greatest source of questions, accusations, and assumptions.

When Pope Benedict was elected, most Catholic hierarchy believed him to be a temporary solution to the growing problems of the Church.  He was 78 years old in 2005 when he was elected by the Cardinals of the Church.  Many considered him ‘too old’ to deal with the problems of a Church riddled with scandal and constantly under extremely close scrutiny.

The assumption and vocal wish of most Catholics is that, the new Pope will be much younger in age and have the energy and drive to face what the future holds, for 4.5 billion Catholics.

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express

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  1. Raskin   March 1, 2013 at 10:59 pm

    The Catholic Church will endure through this crisis. In fact, this purging of homosexuality within the ranks is very good for the Church of Christ – it will emerge smaller but stronger and more focused on the good of all humanity.

    It is befitting, through this time of Lent, that Christ will bring the Church through the storm.
    We believe it.

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