Where’s the Love?: The Continued harassment of the LGBT community


Where’s the Love?: The Continued harassment of the LGBT community

The LGBT community has and still continues to be harassed by many. When members of the LGBT community are
out in public minding their own business they are still faced with
harassment and hate. Making their lives unnecessarily difficult
because a few find it their right to let it be known that they don’t
approve of their lifestyle. What is it to you if she is a lesbian or he
is gay? What she does with her own life is none of your business, how a
lesbian, gay or transgender live their life does not effect yours.
Still, many seem to think that they have to voice their
opinions on matters not concerning them. What a lesbian or gay couple
do in the privacy of their own home is there business and so what if
they kiss or show affection in public. Love has never hurt anyone and
to those that say they are protecting the kids, for some this probably
the only love they see displayed between two people. So what can make
some people feel so threatened by the LGBT community that
they conduct an all out war on a people. A people who just want to
live and love in peace just as their straight counterparts. It is sad
to see lesbian couples receive anti-gay letters only after being
respectful patrons at a restaurant. It saddens me to see a gay couple
harassed while in line at a store. All because the people doing the
harassing don’t agree with the lifestyle they live. They would rather
spew hate and their own opinion instead of do like Jesus and love
their fellow brothers or sisters.

It’s as if we don’t have enough hate in the world already that people
go and pick on a group that just wants to live peacefully. If only
these same people showed this same passion towards fighting poverty, and keeping pedophiles away from children.

The LGBT community are a small but growing community and most come in
peace hoping to live a peaceful life with their family as they raise
their own family like their straight counterparts. Still, the LGBT community has a
long way to go before complete peace and the harassing cease for good
but it would be nice if these same people who quote the bible would stop judging and do as Jesus and love all.

It’s 2013 for crying out aloud, the world is changing and we no longer
live in the 1950’s so lets change our mindset’s and learn to love all,
tolerate all and finally rid the world of hate and judgement. For we
as humans, it is not our job to judge but the job of our creator and our
creator alone.

-Kelly J Newson


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